Epiroc is now launching the new underground core drilling rig with a mobile carrier. It utilizes the drilling capacity of the Diamec Smart 6 and mobility and sturdiness of the Boomer S2 rig carrier. A carrier purpose-built for demanding underground operations with an extremely stable yet flexible boom.

The drilling capacity of the Diamec Smart 6M equals that of the Diamec Smart 6, meaning that the deep hole version is rated for 1080 m hole depth in N size for vertical down. For drilling vertically up the number is 575 m.

Ebrahim Nikafroozi, Global Product Manager for underground core drilling rigs at Epiroc said.

“We have three different rotation unit options for the Diamec Smart 6M, from A to H size. The strongest one offers as much as 2390 Nm of rotation torque which gives our customers the ability to achieve their required depth even in difficult rock conditions.”

The Boomer S2 rig carrier. Courtesy of Epiroc.

The new rig also features a Rod Handling System (RHS) for increased operator safety and productivity. It has the capacity to handle both drill rods and inner tubes. The Rod Handling System is fully synchronized with the drill rig through the Rig Control System (RCS) and is operated from the control panel.

The Rig Control System offers a number of useful features including automatic functions. It is fully compatible with the Exploration Manager for advanced data collection and analysis.

“The boom and feed positioning is radio remote-controlled, allowing the operator to set up the rig from a safe distance with the best overview,”

says Ebrahim Nikafroozi

Diamec Smart 6M. Courtesy of Epiroc.

The cabin of the Diamec Smart 6M is both safe and comfortable with its FOPS/ROPS certification and air condition. The control panel can be moved in and out of the cabin which allows for the operator to stay in the cabin while drilling.

Thanks to the sturdy boom of the Diamec Smart 6M, there is no need to lower the drilling unit to the ground. This minimizes exposure to mud and dirt, which leads to less wear, less corrosion, and lower maintenance costs.

Finally, yet importantly, the options offered for the new Diamec Smart 6M are developed to meet customers’ demands on the global market. These are; Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final/Stage V engine, rear-view camera, LED spotlights, fire suppression system, and more.

Source: Epiroc