John Deere Enhances Integrated AutoTrac Guidance in its 5R and 6M Utility Tractors

John Deere has enhanced the integrated technology available in its updated 5R and 6M Utility Tractors to give customers an easy, cost-effective way to view AutoTrac Automated Guidance System information without having to purchase a separate display.

A new premium John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission can now be added to select 6M Tractors. Courtesy of John Deere.

AutoTrac enables hands-free steering by using GPS coordinates to control the tractor. Whether it’s used for mowing, spraying or other fieldwork, this new addition can help operators increase precision, while reducing fatigue. John Deere Tactical Segment Marketing Manager, Fraser Scott, said:

“Customers can now order 5R or 6M tractors with an AutoTrac guidance screen built into the corner-post display, to access the many benefits of the technology without additional and complexity.”

John Deere 5R or 6M Tractors can be ordered with AutoTrac that comes with an integrated guidance screen built into the corner-post display. Courtesy of John Deere.

Regardless of an operator’s level of experience, the corner-post display for automated steering is simple to use and understand. Once a John Deere StarFire™ Receiver is added, and the AutoTrac activation completed and setup, operators can start using hands-free steering straight away. Mr Scott said:

“Reducing input costs and having access to simple-to-use but highly effective technology are two of the most important priorities of our customers, so we’re very happy to announce this update which meets both of these important needs. For those customers seeking more advanced guidance capabilities, and precision ag solutions, like Selection Control and on-screen mapping, other John Deere displays and activations can also be purchased.”

New John Deere 6M Tractors are available to order now. Courtesy of John Deere.

A new premium John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™) can be added to select 6M Tractors for customers who demand precise speed control or who prefer an automatic transmission. The IVT includes AutoClutch that operators can use to quickly brake and stop the tractor without using the clutch. Customers who want to boost hydraulic flow on select 6M Tractors to quickly raise and lower or power large implements or attachments now have an option to choose a hydraulic pump that’s larger than the standard pump.

Source: John Deere'
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