The New Tigercat 890 Logger Is Delivered in Australia


The new 890 logger – the largest machine in the Tigercat forestry equipment line-up @ 47,900kg – is a heavy duty, purpose-built forestry carrier that can be configured for loading, shovel logging or processing.

The new Tigercat 890 logger is the largest machine in the Tigercat forestry equipment line-up. Source: Onetrak

The first 890 has arrived in Australia and has just recently gone to work. Shane Ricardo, Territory Manager at Onetrak, says:

“Firstly we would like to thank Andrew and Michelle Mahnken of Mountain Logging Gippsland Victoria for the business. The Tigercat 890 has gone to work shovelling softwood on the slopes of Victoria’s Strezlecki ranges. A couple of weeks into service now, operator Conrad O’Malley is impressed with his new machine. After stepping out of a competitor shovel, Conrad highlighted the additional slew power and ability to multi-function without loss of power among other features makes his day a lot easier.”

Jotham Allwright National Product Support – Forestry at Onetrak was part of the delivery and set-up of the machine and received some early feedback from the operator. He says:

“Initial feedback from the operator was great.  Power all round was considerably better compared to the competitor machine he had been operating. The factory fitted grouser extensions and track drive power provided a considerable increase in drive power and traction whilst working on the hills. The ‘closed loop’ slew configuration also provided a massive boost in slew breakout power.  Volume of wood moved in a day increased considerably. Visibility from the cabin, positioning of the cab further forward allowed for better view to each track assembly and also vision around the front of the boom.  Being able to better see the tracks from the operator station allowed for ease of operation when trying the navigate amongst tree stumps”.

Jotham has extensive experience working on forestry equipment through his background as a diesel mechanic. Jotham adds:

“Maintenance access is leaps and bounds above the rest.  Two hydra /electric operated service doors open to give full walk-around access to the engine, hydraulic control valve and coolers.  Access to the A/C unit under that cabin is also an easily accessed component.  Both sides of the coolers are easily accessible for inspection/cleaning. All service items easily accessed when carrying out preventative maintenance making the machine a servicing dream. The Tigercat “Curser 9” engine so far proving to be very powerful and efficient.  First of this engine in Australia fitted to a Tigercat.”

The Tigercat FPT C87 engine delivers 245 kW (330 hp) at 2,000 rpm for Tier 2 and Tier 4 emission compliance.

The large swing bearing provides increased capacity and swing torque. The twin swing drive system reduces gear tooth loads, and a massive single-piece, forged pedestal strengthens the undercarriage and improves durability.

A new longer F7-172 heavy-duty 10 roller track frame with a wide stance carbody gives the 890 exceptional stability. Track components are co-designed with Berco to provide maximum durability in forestry applications.

The 890 logger shares the modular main hydraulic valve with all other Tigercat 800 series carriers for improved parts commonality. With the ability to easily swap out a valve section, the modular design simplifies maintenance. New larger capacity valve sections are used for main and stick boom circuits to provide higher flow rates and improve efficiency.

The 890 has plenty of cooling capacity with an automatic variable speed fan for improved fuel efficiency and an automatic reversing cycle to clean the heat exchangers. Another fuel saving feature is the energy recovery swing system. A closed loop drive feeds power back to the engine when swing decelerates, reducing fuel consumption and recovering energy for other machine functions.

Service access is outstanding with the power operated side engine door and overhead roof enclosure. The entire upper assembly is designed for extreme duty. Heavy wall side bumpers and a solid cast counterweight protect the upper assembly from impacts when swinging.

Convenient walk-up access to the rear entry door leads to a generous interior cab. The cabin is quiet and comfortable with excellent visibility. The full-length front window and additional floor windows provide clear sightlines. The high output climate control system keeps the operator comfortable even in temperature extremes. LED lighting and the new rearVIEW camera system improve operator visibility.

Source: Onetrak'
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