[Job Story] Schaffer 2034 Mini Loader Halves Job Time and Doubles Productivity

Arborist Michael Kennedy reports that investing in his “awesome” Schaffer 2034 mini loader has more than doubled productivity.

Schaffer 2034 Mini Loader. Source: Shaffer

When Michael Kennedy of MPK Tree Services in Perth decided to buy a new loader, his go-to choice was the racy red machine he’d seen leading industry figures for use out in the field: the German-built Schaffer.

But it was only when Michael put his new Schaffer 2034 to work that he understood just how much value it was going to bring to his business. Michael reports:

“I quoted a job the other day I thought would take three weeks but with the Schaffer it only took six days. It’s awesome – I love it!”

Michael is a qualified arborist and employs 15 full-time staff doing mainly government and local government work. The removal of sick, dead and dangerous trees is his core business, so a strong machine is essential. He says:

“We often need to remove whole trees and the Schaffer is strong enough to lift whole trees high enough to put them into the truck.”

For a machine with impressive muscle power, the Schaffer is surprisingly nimble too. Michael adds:

“It’s very agile and, because it’s articulated, it doesn’t tear up the ground like a skid steer. If you need to duck under, say a carport, you can remove the top. I wish I’d got the Schaffer sooner because they are great machines. In fact, I’m planning to get another one for the business very soon.”

Source: Shaffer

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