The Case IH Launches the AFS Connect Magnum in Australia and New Zealand

The Case IH AFS Connect Magnum, officially launched in Australia and New Zealand, comes with a new level of connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities, but that’s not all that’s new for the popular range – additional power is now an option for those with an eye for one of the most advanced tractors on the market.

The Magnum range in Australia and New Zealand now includes a 400hp option in both the wheeled and Rowtrac models, something the local market has been asking for and which comes with a raft of advantages for farmers, regardless of the type or size of the operation.

“Versatility is the key to the AFS Connect Magnum 400. This is a genuine multi-purpose tractor that will succeed in a broadacre business but it could adapt just as easily to the tasks required around an irrigation operation. Tillage, seeding, irrigation, row cropping – the Magnum 400 can do everything required, making it an attractive option for those looking for value for money and who may have fewer options when it comes to labor. It’s a significant addition to our product line-up,” said Ms. Alyx Selsmeyer, High Horsepower Product Manager for Case IH Australia/New Zealand.

Alyx Selsmeyer, High Horsepower Product Manager for Case IH Australia/New Zealand.

The 400 also features a new transmission: an upgraded 21-by-5 transmission with 21 speeds forward and 5 reverse. Alyx said the transmission had been designed for the additional horsepower above and beyond the previous Magnum line-up but also for the versatility, variety, and range of tasks this Magnum can perform.  

“Having more available power to the ground gives producers increased productivity in the likes of high-speed planting, heavy tillage applications, and seedbed preparation,” she said.

Other features of the AFS Connect 400 include:

  • The significant increase in machine connectivity, with remote display viewing, remote servicing abilities from a Case IH dealer and a new AFS Connect mobile app and portal to help stay connected to the tractor no matter where the farmer is;
  • Increased integration and customization, meaning an operator can configure the tractor’s electronics to simplify day-to-day tasks;
  • Three new system components that work in sync: AFS Pro 1200 display, AFS Vision Pro operating system, and AFS Vector Pro receiver. These three pieces are crucial for introducing a higher level of performance and productivity, and effective fleet management; and
  • A refined MultiControl Armrest with configurable remotes, a MultiFunction Handle with four programmable hotkey buttons, and an encoder knob for total control at the operator’s fingertips.
AFS Connect Magnum 400.

Alyx said the advancement in the mechanics of the new Magnum was a big step forward, but when combined with the AFS Connect technology, it was a game-changer.

“The changes to the mechanics alone will boost your productivity significantly, but when coupled with the AFS Connect technology you get a lot more efficient as well. Marrying increased productivity with tech efficiencies is going to let farmers get a lot more done with a lot fewer inputs, like labor, time, and money,” she said.

“Farmers in this market have been asking for additional horsepower in the Magnum range for some time, and now we can offer them more power combined with a superior level of technology, all in the one machine. It’s an exciting expansion of our product line and the benefits for farmers and their business are enormous,” Alyx said.'
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