John Deere S700 Harvester Tackles Winter Crop

The upcoming harvest season will soon bring the John Deere S700, back into the paddock to help capture what is predicted to be a national winter crop more than 60% up on last year. 

John Deere Harvesting Product Specialist, Max Cusack, said John Deere was looking forward to seeing the S700 in action and supporting a cropping sector which was on course for a hugely improved season across many major production areas, after a number of years which were heavily impacted by drought. 

“The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) last month increased its estimate for the upcoming winter crop harvest to a total production of 47.9 million tonnes, to be 64% up on last year and some 20% ahead of the 10-year average,” Mr. Cusack said. 

“We know the S700 Series is one of the most relied-upon harvesters in the country and we are wholeheartedly looking forward to again seeing these machines, which are proven performers under our unique Australian conditions, in the paddock and working on what is on track to be a much stronger harvest than we have seen in some time.” 

John Deere Harvesting Product Specialist, Max Cusack, is looking forward to seeing the S700 in action again this season.

Automation key to efficiency

At the heart of the S700’s effectiveness is the optional Combine Advisor package, to help set, optimize, and automate main harvester functions when conditions change. Combine Advisor gives operators direct access to key technologies including the HarvestSmart system for automation of feed rate, and Active Terrain Adjustment, to compensate for rolling and hilly terrain, so as to maintain optimum performance.

It also includes Auto Maintain to analyze the level at which the harvester is performing, sets that as a target, and automates settings to continually maintain that target as conditions change. This is supported by ActiveVision cameras and grain loss monitors, specifically designed to adjust the machine to hit the pre-determined target.

“The S700 is the most automated and intelligent harvester in the Australian market and our customers consistently tell us it is the ability of Combine Advisor to empower operators of any skill or experience to get the most out of the day, and out of the season, that makes a difference,” Mr. Cusack said.

“It allows producers to reduce losses and maximize profits by ensuring the machine operates at its best at all times – regardless of conditions, time of day or who is behind the wheel – and to make sure what is taken from the paddock ends up in the field bin.”

Precision ag at the forefront

Precision agriculture technology is at the forefront of S700 design, with AutoTrac Guidance included as standard on all machines across the lineup, ensuring accurate and repeatable pass after pass through the paddock to increase consistency and productivity while reducing the burden on the operator. Five years of free telematics communication products and services are also provided through JDLink, with data streaming every 30 seconds direct from the cabin to the John Deere Operations Center to further unlock the intelligence of the harvester.

“Precision agriculture technology is now a turnkey solution with John Deere,”

Mr Cusack said.

“It’s never been simpler, or more accessible, and we’re striving to make it easier for every farmer to tap into the power high-quality information brings to decision-making and profitability.”

New offerings will further strengthen performance

Updates to the entire header lineup of John Deere harvesters, announced earlier this year, including new Hinge Frame Rigid Cutterbar Drapers, RDF HydraFlex Drapers, a BP15 Belt Pickup Platform, and CR and CF Corn Heads will bring even more performance, including maximizing hectares per hour and minimizing grain loss when operating under a range of conditions, to future harvests.

John Deere also offers a fully-supported Harvest Weed Seed Control Unit through the option to add the Redekop Seed Control Unit (SCU) to the S780 and S790 models, as introduced to the market last year. Manufactured in Canada, the SCU provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution to destroy more than 98% of harvestable weeds in a single pass operation and is fully integrated into the John Deere residue, drive and display system.

“We examined the marketplace closely to understand what some of our customers’ key concerns were, looked at the best way to address these needs and determined the Redekop SCU for John Deere Combines provides the best solution for harvest weed seed control,” Mr. Cusack said.

“Through the SCU, we are the first harvest equipment manufacturer to offer a truly integrated, factory-tested solution that feeds seamlessly into our harvesters, our dealer network and our parts and service channels, and is of the quality we know our customers expect from a John Deere product partner.”

Australia’s most automated and intelligent harvester, the John Deere S700, is ready to tackle harvest season 2020-2021.

Ready for the season ahead

Mr Cusack said John Deere was ready to work side-by-side with Australian growers through this harvest and optimistic about the season ahead.

“Our dealers are ready to tackle harvest 2020-2021 and excited to see our products performing in the paddock for our all-important farm sector,”

Mr. Cusack said.

“If growers require support or advice, or have any questions on the S700 or John Deere’s header lineup, we encourage them to make contact with their local dealer.”'
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