[Job Story] The Collaboration between Terra Cat and WesTrac Overcomes Covid Limits

CEO of New Zealand Cat dealer Terra Cat, Grant Whitelaw, found himself stuck in Australia due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and turned to WesTrac for assistance in shooting a video.

Adrian Howard and Grant Whitelaw. Source: WesTrac

When the CEO of New Zealand Cat dealer Terra Cat, Grant Whitelaw, found himself stuck in Australia due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, it posed a few problems.

He had a business to run and it was on the other side of the Tasman Sea. He also had a new strategy to launch and employees to advise. A hotel room video was not going to serve the purpose, so Grant turned to fellow Cat dealer WesTrac seeking an appropriate backdrop to shoot his video.

WesTrac NSW Chief Executive Greg Graham and GM Operations Adrian Howard were happy to assist. Adrian said:

“While there were restrictions in place regarding visitors to businesses, WesTrac’s Tomago site is a Government-approved COVID Safe Facility. So we were happy to lend a hand to Grant. As a fellow Cat equipment dealer, we understand the importance of maintaining the strong brand story associated with Caterpillar and ensuring all communications – internal and external – are presented in the right way.”

Grant says having the familiar Cat equipment as a backdrop for his video shoot was an important aspect of sharing the message with the Terra Cat team across New Zealand. He said:

“I greatly appreciate the assistance that Greg, Adrian and the team were able to provide. As well as ensuring the branding was correct, the setting provided a certain comfort to staff that there was some continuity of business in spite of the extraordinary circumstances many of us have found ourselves dealing with.”

Needless to say, the video shoot went off without a hitch and served its purpose to deliver the right messages to Terra Cat staff. Grant added that it was a great opportunity to tour WesTrac’s facilities, talk to the team and see the close similarities between the businesses on either side of the Tasman.

Source: WesTrac

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