WesTrac Has Been Recognized in the Sitecore Experience Awards for its Website Optimization Work

Leading Caterpillar dealer WesTrac has been recognized in the worldwide Sitecore Experience Awards for its recent website optimization work undertaken with web development partner Ping Works.

WesTrac Has Been Recognized in the Sitecore Experience Awards for its Website Optimization Work. Source: WesTrac

WesTrac was among a very select number of organizations across the Asia Pacific region that received honorable mentions in the Most Intelligent Content Optimisation category and was chosen from over 100 entries.

Marnie Davey, WesTrac’s Marketing and Customer Experience Manager, said that by combining a range of Sitecore tools with effective user experience design, the organization had been able to overcome challenges and achieve significant goals in the conversion of website visitors. Marnie said:

“WesTrac identified some quite specific online conversion goals we wanted to achieve, aligned to changing trends in customer behavior that shows 80 percent of people start their purchasing journey online. We saw an opportunity to utilize tools and optimize content to improve user experience, thus driving more conversions and reducing lead generation costs. As a result of the optimization, we have seen a 33 percent increase in the revenue we know comes directly from conversion of website visitors, a massive 261 percent increase in leads and 34 percent growth in the overall conversion rate.”

Marnie said the success of the project, which commenced in September 2019, was due to significant effort from WesTrac’s marketing team and support from across the business. She said:

“The team spent a lot of time identifying ways to improve information architecture and developing new content to align with our customers’ journey. We also determined that personalization was required to ensure visitors to the WesTrac website were presented with relevant information rather than having to hunt for it.”

Ping Works Content Director Tim Stokoe said the objective was to deliver the best possible user experience and a stronger connection with the brand. Tim said:

“The end game was to help guide users to the best products for their specific needs and so facilitate the conversion. A core focus was creating a more intuitive environment that gives visitors easy access to the entire range of products, based on identified user needs, in turn further nurturing and influencing buying decisions. The new site now has a fresh and modern look and feel, developed with a mobile-first approach, providing a content-rich environment that creates strong connections, is easy to use and easy to search.”

The Sitecore Experience Awards celebrate brands that have built customer-centric digital experiences using Sitecore technology. It is the same technology used by some of the world’s leading brands including American Express, Kimberly-Clark, L’Oréal, and Volvo.

The awards recognize customers whose entries clearly demonstrate that their solution has delivered outstanding user experiences.

Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill said digital had emerged as the lifeblood for many businesses in 2020 and intelligent content was a key driver for stronger engagement.

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Paige said:

“The Sitecore Experience Awards celebrate some of the most innovative implementations that are pushing the boundaries of exceptional customer experiences from our customers and partners. This innovation results in faster, more effective digital experiences that keep audiences more engaged and connected than ever, while maximizing the use of content across an organization’s channels and regions.”

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