Kobelco Announces the New SK140LC-11 Excavator

Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia (KCMA) is pleased to announce the arrival of the SK140LC-11 – a Japanese manufactured excavator that offers low fuel economy and reliability within the 13-15 tonne operating segment.

The Kobelco SK140LC-11. Source: Kobelco

The Kobelco SK140LC-11 sets a new benchmark as a direct result of precise manufacturing and high-tech design, with customer feedback also being a key element in its design process. The result is an excavator that delivers highly productive mechanical power, fast cycle times, refined operator comfort and fuel efficiency.

Constant technical development has led the SK140LC-11 to be the first premium conventional Kobelco excavator to enter the 13-15T operating class. The SK140LC-11 is powered by a 3.0 litre Isuzu turbo diesel engine, meeting all current global emissions standards. Power output for the 3.0 litre engine is rated at 78.5kW, including a drawbar pulling force of 141kN and a powerful bucket digging force of 105.4kN. Together with its balanced chassis layout, the SK140LC-11 provides great lifting capability and stability. An optional 600kg counterweight, plus dozer blade option are available from the factory.

The Kobelco SK140LC-11. Source: Kobelco

Form and function unite to produce a Kobelco excavator that maximizes work efficiency in all areas including operator comfort and safety. The SK140LC-11 design includes the new -11 series modern and spacious cabin that features intuitive, easy-to-use operating controls and systems not unlike today’s premium high-end cars.

A 10-inch color monitorthe largest in-cab visual information screen within the excavator industry – provides easily accessible and programmable menu functions, machine status information and provides clear rear and right-side views from the standard-fit upper deck cameras. An LED back-lit multifunction jog-type dial is the access point to all monitor functions. LED backlighting is also standard on all control switches.

The Kobelco SK140LC-11. Source: Kobelco

A revised hydraulic system promotes smooth hydraulic control in conjunction with shorter and horizontal control lever movements. This design alleviates stress and tension of the operator’s fingers, wrist and arm, while at the same time providing precise control movement. The new Kobelco branded Grammar seat provides posture adjustment for operator comfort over a full working day. To combat working in high temperatures, an automatic climate control system maintains the desired cabin temperature by way of multiple cooling vents positioned around the operator for an even flow of controlled airflow.

Modern technology features are incorporated throughout the SK140LC-11 and it is geared for ease of use, which improves productivity. Seven pre-set hydraulic attachment modes (e.g. bucket, nibbler, tilt rotator and breaker etc.) can be accessed via the master jog-dial and on-screen selection modes. This system ensures a greater range of working versatility and the correct hydraulic performance is delivered to suit the working task. Furthermore, four customizable modes are available and can be pre-set by service engineers to extend the range of hydraulic operations for additional machine roles. Proportional hand-controlled nibbler and breaker circuit, plus hand-controlled tilt/rotate circuit with dedicated gear pump, as well as quick hitch hydraulic piping, are all fitted as standard equipment.the new FOPS Level

The Kobelco SK140LC-11. Source: Kobelco

Previous roof guards have always been rigid mounted for safety and security. However, the new FOPS Level II roof guard features a swing-open door section so the external roof glass can now be easily cleaned for visibility without reducing its structural integrity.

Other areas under the design spotlight include repositioning the safety valve on the cylinder arm to further minimize the risk of accidental contact with site obstacles, and the mounting lug dimensions on the standard bucket have been uprated to suit the available digging force. A large fuel tank of 280L capacity reduces refueling downtime and includes a fuel cap that meets EN regulations to prevent fuel spillage. Internal LED lighting that reacts to door opening/closure and main ignition on / off further promotes operator safety.

Commenting on the introduction of the new SK140LC-11, KCMA General Manager of Product & Distribution, Mark Johnson said:

“The introduction of the SK140LC-11 to the Australian market has been a significant decision by Kobelco. The 13-15 tonne operating class is traditionally made up of smaller contractors and rental fleet companies who require versatile machines that offer increased productivity, good digging power and low running costs with an extremely competitive initial purchase price – the new SK140LC-11 more than fulfills these requirements. The fact it complies with Tier 4 Final emission regulations adds to the already impressive specification of this excavator. As do the latest operating features and unequaled superior operator comfort, all of which contribute to increased efficiency and productivity. All these features are what our key potential customers have told us they need. Add to the mix Kobelco’s legendary reliability and durability, it is clear that the SK140LC-11 is the new obvious choice in this operating class.”

The Kobelco SK140LC-11. Source: Kobelco

The Kobelco SK140LC-11 is available at dealers around Australia and New Zealand from early October 2020.

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