[Job Story] Franna Supplies an AT 40 Crane to the Australian’s Treasurer to Support the Modern Manufacturing Strategy


The Treasurer of Australia, Josh Frydenberg was recently captured sitting in the cab of a Franna AT 40 as he did a media visit in support of Australia’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which was announced last month.

The Strategy is the Australian Government’s action plan to make Australia a globally recognized, high-quality and sustainable manufacturing nation. Through the strategy, the Government says that approximately $1.5 billion in new funding will be invested over the next four years to make Australian manufacturers more competitive, resilient and able to scale-up to take on the world.

At the Australian Treasurer’s media visit in support of the new strategy, the Franna AT 40—supplied through customer Two Way Cranes—was fittingly pictured with a sign stating: ‘Together we can Lift the EconomySupport Australian Manufacturing’.

Franna has a long history in Australia, being founded in 1978 by Dave Francis, who developed a prototype from truck components for the first “FrannaPick and Carry Crane. This heritage has enabled Franna to be a household name all over Australia and the iconic brand holds sentimental value to team members and customers alike. Danny Black, General Manager of Franna said:

“At Franna we take great pride in our heritage and this along with our reputation of innovation and product support has enabled us to grow and become the market leader for pick and carry cranes in Australia.”

Welcoming the manufacturing strategy, he continues:

“The recently announced manufacturing strategy is a clear indication of the Australian Government’s commitment to our sector and the value they place on companies such as Franna for our contributions to the economy here. In a world that has been unsettled by Covid-19, this investment comes at a good time.”


“Through this strategy, the government has expressed the importance of Australian manufacturers taking their expertise worldwide. Franna represents roughly half of the total mobile crane population in Australia, that is any rubber tyred crane of any capacity – Truck crane, Rough Terrain crane and All Terrain crane. Yet globally we are less than 1% of this same market, hence like the Australian government, we are keen to take our quality products globally. Franna has already embarked on this journey, expanding in Asia and Africa regions and entering new markets such as North America.”


“This is a very exciting time for Australian manufacturing. At Franna we are absolutely committed to growing and developing our business and in doing so we will continue to be a valuable contributor to the Australian manufacturing sector and to Terex.”

Source: Franna

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