[Video] JCB Launches the New Electric 525-60E Compact Telehandler

JCB launches the electric 525-60E compact telehandler. The all-new telehandler is part of JCB’s 100% electric E-TECH range, with zero emissions, less noise and without impacting performance. JCB aims with the new 525-60E to operate wherever and whenever needed.

JCB Launches the New Electric 525-60E Compact Telehandler. Source: JCB

JCB is investing hugely in clean technology, reducing harmful Zero CO2, NOx and particulate emissions at the point of use in urban environments, sensitive to air quality, enclosed spaces and emission restricted zones without extraction equipment.

A particular feature of the 525-60E telehandler is the significantly reduced noise levels. Indeed, without a motor, the new 525-60E offers near-silent operation on site, making it suitable for sensitive applications for extended working hours, especially during the night. Therefore, the zero-emissions and low noise of the 525-60E contribute to the tranquility of working on-site safely and more efficiently.

Among other features of the 525-60E, the adaptive load control automatically prevents tipping forwards during heavy loading and the reduced noise levels improve on-site communication during operation. Furthermore, the cab is ROPS and FOPS certified, and the Pod design and low profile rear chassis give a great visibility.

JCB’s ultimate goal was to create an electric telehandler that has the same performance as a conventional machine with powerful lithium-ion technology. The 24 kWh battery powers a full day on a single charge and the constant 4WD and 3 steering modes ensure great productivity. Also, the fast charging capability is 110V, 230V and 415V.

The new 525-60E significantly reduces energy costs compared to other models, with Maintenance Intervals of 500 hours and minimum daily checks. Also, the JCB’s optional LiveLink telematics helps manage operating costs.

Source: JCB