John Deere Expands the Compatibility of its Machine Sync Platform

In a significant update, John Deere has expanded the compatibility of Machine Sync, the technology that allows a harvester to control the speed and guidance of the chaser bin working beside it, to a wider range of machinery.

Horticulture producers will now have greater access to the John Deere Digital Ecosystem with the latest updates. Source: John Deere

The update is available across the John Deere Digital Ecosystem, including Operations Center, MyOperations and JDLink Mobile apps, as well as the Gen 4 line of displays, and provides new features, broadened compatibility and new products. The upgrade highlights the machinery leader’s continued commitment to providing digital technology that assists farmers to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

Machine Sync was first introduced to the grains industry in 2013 and enables harvesters to control the speed and guidance of the chaser bin working beside it on the go, to provide a safer and more accurate unloading experience. With the latest update, Machine Sync will become available to horticulture and forage producers as it is rolled out across Self Propelled Forage Harvesters and Tractor to Tractor applications specific to the industry.

John Deere Production System Manager, Ben Kelly, said Machine Sync can automate the unloading process improving safety and productivity, and is a huge step towards improving multi-machine automation and operational logistics. He said:

“The expansion of Machine Sync on more equipment now makes it accessible to producers across a far greater range of commodities – from grains to horticulture and forage. It brings powerful efficiency gains as the chaser bin is working at the optimal location and speed in relation to the harvester which minimizes the amount of crop lost and also enables the harvester to operate at maximum capacity while unloading. There is also a new Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) feature that allows farmers wanting to use Machine Sync to ensure unloading equipment can stay on the CTF track when unloading. This helps prevent soil compaction and reduces the possibility of human error and collisions to make working conditions safer for the people in the field.”

Maintenance tracking has also been improved and simplified by this round of updates with the introduction of Maintenance Manager to the JDLink Mobile App to replace the MyMaintenance App. Mr Kelly said:

“This consolidation will undoubtedly bring improved user experience by reducing the number of apps farmers need to learn and operate. Maintenance Manager allows operators to track the maintenance of their farm equipment in one place, including maintenance plans for non-connected equipment such as a truck or stationary irrigation pump engine. Prior to this update, customers could only monitor their connected equipment. This means our customers are able to manage the maintenance needs of their entire fleet regardless of age or color.”

The John Deere Digital Ecosystem has undergone a major update. Source: John Deere

Other key updates in November include:

AutoPath Launch

  • This new product records guidance lines for every crop row at planting time and automatically generates guidance lines for subsequent in-season spray or harvest operations based on the crop rows and implement width. AutoPath saves the operator time by automatically generating guidance lines for applications post-planting and can minimize crop damage for in-season applications due to the fact that every crop row is identified.

4640 compatibility with 50 and 60 Series Combines

  • Expands Generation 4 4640 Display compatibility with 50 and 60 Series Combines, providing compatibility of the Gen 4 display from current S700 Series combine right through to 50 Series which were released in the late 1990s. This ensures operators can enjoy the benefits of Gen 4 technology and a common experience across their John Deere harvest fleet.

 Data Editing Enhancements

  • Building on updates released in July and September, this allows farmers to edit a tank mix across multiple fields, to both save time and improve data quality.

Mr Kelly said software updates were free and encouraged farmers and operators to update their equipment regularly to take full advantage of the suite of performance-enhancing tools available to them. He said:

“Both the Operations Center and the MyOperations App update automatically, while the available Gen 4 upgrades can be actioned by using a wireless connection or USB. And, as always, your local John Deere dealer is on hand to offer further advice and support.”

John Deere Production System Manager, Ben Kelly. Source: John Deere

Farmers can also login or create an Operations Center account. The MyOperations App connects to the Operations Center, allowing farmers to take their data to the field. It’s free and can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App stores.'
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