Iveco Launches its New Telematics System specifically for Aussie and New Zealand Markets

Following an extensive local development phase, Iveco has launched its innovative new Iveco Telematics system in Australia and New Zealand, providing several major benefits over programs offered by competitors.

The new IVECO Telematics system offers up to 70 channels of information-rich data to its operators. Source: Iveco

Designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for local and New Zealand markets, Iveco Telematics provides fleet operators with access to an extensive array of information-rich data (up to 70 channels) to help streamline and bring greater efficiency to their vehicle movements while minimizing running costs and unforeseen downtime.

The system is now fitted as standard equipment on every heavy-duty Euro6 ACCO, Euro6 XWay and Euro5 Stralis model in the Iveco range, effective with vehicles built from September 2020, and also comes with a 12-month complimentary subscription.

Although primarily designed with Euro6 vehicles in mind, customers with existing applicable heavy-duty Iveco models will also be able to have the system retrofitted through their Iveco dealerships. There are some variances in program features depending on the vehicle.

The telematics components, comprising a small telematics module and GPS antenna, are fitted to the trucks at Iveco’s Melbourne manufacturing facility and connected to the vehicle CANBUS interface via a secure, standardized and data-rich FMS (Fleet Management System) output, and the ignition.

Once the system is linked and activated for the customer, it’s ready to transmit information, via the high-speed Telstra Machine-to-Machine (M2M) 4G network, to the database server (housed in Australia). The data can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fitted as standard on all new Euro6 ACCO, Euro6 X-Way and Euro5 Stralis models (effective September 2020 build), the system also comes with a 12-month complimentary subscription. Source: Iveco

Complete control

Iveco Telematics offers users an extensive range of tracking, driver monitoring, safety, theft, maintenance and vehicle performance data.

Tracking and routing provide live GPS tracking, geofencing of operating areas and/or restricted zones, and trip information including trip details and trip reports.

The system’s driver monitoring capabilities include harsh braking and acceleration alerts, moving and stationary over-revving alerts, over-speed, over-speed limit and over-idling alerts. From here, the software can provide driver scorecards and productivity reports to help improve driving techniques and overall efficiency.

On the safety front, Iveco Telematics complements each vehicle’s core safety benefits by offering vehicle roll-over and impact alerts.

Another feature of the program is theft prevention – Iveco Telematics is able to mitigate the risk of vehicle theft 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through tracking and providing notification if a breaching of geo-fenced areas occurs, or if the vehicle is moved without the ignition being actuated.

To assist in minimizing vehicle downtime and to better schedule maintenance work, IVECO Telematics also provides detailed insights into vehicle operating data including odometer and engine hour readings, scheduled maintenance reporting, ‘tell-tale’ activity reporting, battery voltage level and engine coolant, engine oil and transmission fluid alerts.

This data is complemented by vehicle performance insights that detail truck performance in the application. The available information covers speed, brake count, gear changes, fuel usage, ambient and cooling temperatures, GCM status, engine RPM (low, green and high) and cruise control usage.

Easy-to-read data is accessible either via the desktop portal or app. Source: Iveco

Easy-to-use portal and app

All data from Iveco Telematics is accessed through a secure portal, where a profile page and dashboard allows users to customize their account details and settings, manage users and access information covering map page and areas, asset trails, live tracking, management of vehicles, groups, drivers and services, alerts, reporting, vehicle transfer and help. The data can then be organized via on-demand and scheduled customizable reports and downloaded in a variety of formats.

This information is also accessible through a mobile app which is available for both Apple and Android devices. For transport companies and fleet operators using their own telemetry programs, Iveco Telematics can be integrated with their current portal via the Applicable Program Interface (API).

Dashboard sample. Source: Iveco

Warranty and support

Iveco Telematics is covered by a generous warranty period that matches the standard warranty duration of the vehicle to which it is fitted.

As the system is locally developed and manufactured, spare parts and support are always close by and easily reached; should any hardware failure, it will be replaced with a new component under a changeover program. The changeover is facilitated through an authorized Iveco Dealer and replacement parts are promptly dispatched within one to two business days from the day the changeover request is received.

Geofencing sample. Source: Iveco

Comments from Iveco Australia Product Manager – Telematics, Marco Stiffler

“As a standard package, IVECO Telematics provides logistics operators and other road transport businesses with a comprehensive, full suite of services that many other manufacturers charge additional for.”


“In developing the program, we consulted the industry and designed features and functionality to best suit the requirements of our local markets, both in Australia and New Zealand.”

“IVECO Telematics provides the end-user with a wealth of information that will help bring greater efficiencies to their operations across a number of areas.”


“By offering valuable performance insights and monitoring covering parameters such as tracking and routing, safety, driver and vehicle performance, vehicle maintenance and theft avoidance, IVECO Telematics delivers a complete and holistic end-to-end service for users.”


“As well as providing extremely useful information to the end-user to increase their efficiency, buyers who allow their IVECO dealer to have some visibility into their data can enjoy a range of servicing, maintenance and preventative maintenance benefits that will minimize downtime by ensuring correct parts are in stock prior to servicing.”


“We expect that IVECO Telematics will be very well received by IVECO heavy-duty truck buyers, particularly medium to large fleets.”

Designed and manufactured in Australia, system components are installed to the trucks at IVECO’s Melbourne manufacturing facility, with all data houses on Australian servers. Source: Iveco'
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