Gold Fields and the Mining Industry Leaders Rally behind Green Vehicle Initiative at IMARC 2020

Industry leaders including BHP and Gold Fields reinstated their pledge towards the International Council on Mining & Metals’ (ICMM) innovation for the cleaner, safer vehicles (ICSV) initiative at IMARC 2020.

Gold Fields and the Mining Industry Leaders Rally behind Green Vehicle Initiative at IMARC 2020. Source: Gold Fields

The ICSV brings together leading mining companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce carbon emissions and boost safety in mining vehicles.

It is led by a chief executive officer advisory group from companies including BHP, Anglo American, Gold Fields, Caterpillar, Komatsu and Sandvik.

Speaking at IMARC 2020, BHP chief executive Mike Henry said the ICSV demonstrates industry collaboration that promotes positive change. He said:

“Safer, cleaner mining equipment is important for our people and the world. No one party can tackle this on their own though.”


“The innovation for a cleaner, safer vehicles initiative brings together equipment manufacturers and ICMM members to accelerate the innovations required to improve equipment safety and reduce emissions.”


“This is a great example of the collaborative industry-level effort that can help bring about the scale and pace of change that is needed.”

The ICSV aims to introduce greenhouse gas emission-free surface mining vehicles by 2040, reduce the operational impact of diesel exhaust by 2025 and introduce vehicle collision avoidance technology by 2025.

Since it was announced two years ago, the ICSV has sent strong messages across the industry for what is required to advance technology that promotes safer and cleaner energy vehicles.

Gold Fields chief executive Nick Holland said advancing work on these vehicles is vital. He said:

“There is a critical need to advance work on cleaner, safer vehicles in mining, which will have important health and safety benefits and contribute towards the pressing need of decarbonizing the mining industry.”


“It is recognized that there are measures we can implement now, but other, more impactful, interventions are reliant on technology pathways that are still evolving.”

ICMM’s company members are setting the goal of introducing the ICSV’s goals into corporate planning processes in 2021.

Caterpillar group president Denise Johnson said the company is working closely with the mining industry to improve vehicles under the initiative. She said:

“Caterpillar is committed to helping customers operate safely and sustainably, and the Innovation for a cleaner, safer vehicles initiative is helping us to collaborate even more closely with the mining industry in these important areas.”


“Its progress to date has helped to form a shared understanding of where the industry is on its journey and demonstrates that by working together we can more quickly accelerate the pace of change.”

Source: Gold Fields'
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