PIX Introduces It’s New Terminator Belts

PIX-Terminator is the latest evolution in power transmission technology with the help of Dry Cover Belts introduced by PIX, designed for every application of mining, construction, forestry, agriculture & manufacturing.

Courtesy of: PIX

PIX-Terminator Belts are designed and engineered specifically for high-power, heat-resistance, and wear-resistance demanded by such applications. These Belts are, in fact, suited for power-transmission drives requiring robust, maintenance-free performance.

PIX-Terminator Belts are exclusively designed to offer a unique solution for highly demanding requirements like extra heavy-duty applications.

  • Drives with space constraints
  • Drives where high power transmission is required
  • Applications comprising of high shock loads which are caused due to sudden start/stop of the machine
  • Drives with high ambient temperature conditions
  • Drives with harsh working conditions

PIX-Terminator Belts is available in the following range of section

1) PIX-Terminator-HXS (Heavy-duty, High-power, Aramid-corded, Banded Wrap Belts)

2) PIX-Terminator-XS (Heavy-duty, High-power, Aramid-corded, Wrap Belts)

Why PIX Belts?

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Heavy-duty, high-power, maintenance-free Belts
  • The dedicated support team for urgent needs
  • Extensive product range
  • Impressive support infrastructure across the globe
  • Compelling performance to price ratio
  • Customized solution and quality assurance by the implementation of best practices.

More about PIX

PIX has taken several strides in product development to expand mutual growth opportunities, segment share, as well as business interests. With over five decades of expertise in the manufacturing of Rubber Belts, PIX banks on a vast reserve of modern technology and experience in delivering top-of-the-range quality, in adherence with all International Standards and a host of significant product category certifications.

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