Caprari Expands Its Easywell Submersible Motors Range

MPC10 motors, engineered by Caprari, were launched on the market to complement the MPC6 and MPC8 range, thus offering to Caprari’s customers particularly performing products that stand out for extremely low energy consumption as compared to the average of the industry, for a very competitive price.

The new MPC10 model may be used for a broad range of applications, even the most challenging and difficult ones. Suitable for the farming industry, the entire Easywell range features outstanding resistance to wear, also thanks to the mechanical silicon carbide seal, which makes it also suitable for heavy-duty operations in the presence of abrasive liquids; moreover, it ensures remarkable resistance to thermal shock and aggressive chemicals.

MPC10 motors are particularly sturdy and reliable thanks to the graphite-based, self-lubricating, composite material line bearings and a thrust bearing whose oversize is amply suited to withstand the axial loads generated by the hydraulic force. Moreover, the copper rotor and the large-sized stacks ensure excellent and top-level electrical performance and yields that exceed by far the industry average.

The innovative MPC10 is suitable for applications with VSD (Variable Speed Drive / Inverter) and is also available in AISI 316 full stainless steel versions (MPCW10).

Caprari put its expertise to good use to create a product that is at once innovative and reliable, providing customers and users with new opportunities while reducing the return on investment time. In combination with Caprari submersible pumps, the whole range of Easywell motors ensures an unparalleled level of overall efficiency.

MPC10 not only allows reducing energy consumption but also its environmental impact, besides being at a particularly convenient price.

The whole 6’’, 8’’ and 10” MPC range is available on

Caprari further expands the range of Easywell (MPC) submersible motors with improved options and configurations to make cement our position as world-leading manufacturers.

Important new developments are:

  • 100% anti-corrosion: Easywell is now available as an option in full AISI 316 stainless steel construction, allowing them to be used in even more extreme applications.

When combined with Defender – Caprari International Patent, a standard device on all Caprari wet ends, this new option further extends the life of the electric pump, even in the presence of seawater.

  • High temperatures: thanks to the dual-layer insulation windings, Easywell submersible motors are suitable for higher hot water applications without any decrease in performance.
  • 100% reliability: Easywell has always guaranteed exceptional resistance to wear for the entire range thanks also to the silicon carbide mechanical seal and robust design which allows it to be used in difficult operating conditions. Furthermore, the range is equipped with a thrust bearing that is generously oversized compared to the axial loads generated by the wet end and has line bearings made of self-lubricating composite material based on graphite, guaranteeing durability.

Easywell range encompasses motor powers up to 125HP in size 8” and 200HP in size 10” for both cast iron and new stainless steel version.'
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