John Deere Launches the Smart-Apply Intelligent Spray Control System

Australian farmers can reap the benefits of industry-leading technology to help control spray drift, with the finalization of an allied distribution agreement between John Deere and Smart Guided Systems to roll out the Smart-Apply Intelligent Control System across the country.

John Deere Launches the Smart-Apply Intelligent Spray Control System. Source: John Deere

Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), the Smart-Apply Intelligent Control System technology is an add-on kit for air-blast sprayers that are towed behind John Deere tractors in horticulture production.

It is sold and serviced by John Deere dealers to not only assist farmers to guard against spray drift but also to reduce chemical use, for better environmental and economic performance.

John Deere Production System Manager, Stephanie Gersekowski, said the global agreement, which also includes the United States and Canada, will contribute to farming’s sustainability while maximizing the potential for profit in horticultural enterprises. Mrs Gersekowski said:

“This innovative precision spraying solution can be used effectively in high-value crops such as fruit and tree nut orchards, nurseries, and vineyards.” 


“The Smart-Apply system helps ensure only the canopy is sprayed and automatically adjusts spray volume based on the plant’s density per nozzle zone. This results in less wasted product and helps maintain agronomic efficiency for growers.” 


 “We encourage all farmers interested in learning more to speak to their local John Deere dealer.”

Smart Guided Systems Chief Executive Officer Steve Booher said John Deere was known for having world-class dealer channels and for providing outstanding sales, service, and support to customers. He said:

“The agreement gives our customers access to an innovative, field-proven precision-spraying control system for use in high-value specialty crops through a proven distribution channel.” 

Mrs Gersekowski said the agreement was in line with John Deere’s overarching goal to partner with farmers for a forward-thinking and prosperous agriculture sector by increasing the adoption of precision agriculture technology. She said:

“As the sector strives to become more productive, profitable and sustainable, John Deere will continue its work as an industry leader in technological farming advancements.” 


“Being the new home for the Smart-Apply Intelligent Control System is a big step towards ensuring leading AgTech can be used by all farming sectors.”'
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