Caprari Introduces the Inclined Installation for Submersible Electric Pumps

For years Caprari has been installing inclined submersible pumps on riverbeds, lakes, and artificial basins where this application is highly recommended and effective.

With this method the pumped water is primarily used for irrigation purposes; however, it is also used for flood control or water supply in general.

Over the years, this type of installation has also been used for other applications where system and environmental requirements were similar to those above: mines, industrial plants, etc.

Inclined submersible pumps offer numerous advantages compared to vertical pumps or horizontal pumps mounted on floating platforms, particularly because they are easily installed. The pump inclined on the bank of the basin requires no large structural parts to be installed, with consequent cost and time-saving.

Another important advantage of inclined submersible pumps is that they are highly compact machines and can be positioned on banks with irregular slopes with no need for the shaft to be aligned, contrary to a vertical turbine pump.

Finally, the well-appreciated characteristics of this solution: pumps are easily handled, bearings are less stressed and the level of noise generated by these pumps is low.

The choice among a wide range of wet ends and submersible motors combined with Caprari know-how assures reliability and efficiency in the selection and installation of the product with a guarantee of a long operating life of the system as demonstrated by the dozens of projects installed around the world.

Installations of the inclined submersible pumps are found in Queensland, Australia, where the banks of the water basin are very steep.

The solution offered by Caprari enabled an efficient water pumping system to be quickly installed to permit irrigation of the surrounding areas.'
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