Dewalt Launches its New DDA Software to Optimize Anchoring Products to Concrete

Dewalt Engineered By Powers has launched the Dewalt Design Assist (DDA) new software designed specifically to help engineers, specifiers and architects design projects where complex structural design is required.

The new Dewalt Design Assist software. Source: Dewalt

Dewalt Design Assist is the latest industry-focused solution in the Dewalt Engineered By Powers portfolio offering structural design software that streamlines, automates and optimizes Dewalt anchoring products to concrete, in accordance with Australian Standard AS5216:2018 – Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings in concrete to satisfy deemed-to-comply requirements of NCC2019.

George Maglaras, Sales & Technical Director, Stanley Black&Decker, says that the intelligent functionality of the latest edition offers valuable state-of-the-art solutions to challenges often experienced in the industry. Maglaras says:


“DEWALT Design Assist is the next generation of structural design software for anchoring to concrete, allowing design professionals to create custom-based plate shapes and anchor bolt layouts in accordance to the latest Australian standards and international building codes, critical to the delivery of a successful construction project.” 


“Ineffective anchoring systems can result in added costs and are also likely to take away from the prime focus at hand – the build. As part of our commitment to continue supporting our products with expert solution and technical advice for all anchoring requirements and design, DDA and our dedicated Enterprise Solutions Team add value to our customers and construction projects through proven ability to respond to the demands of ever-changing industry requirements.” 


“We learn from being on the jobsite and understanding the associated challenges. Each innovation we make is driven by a desire for performance, ease of use or productivity. Our aim is to offer certain and simple answers to otherwise complex designing and building issues. By replicating application design conditions considering all applicable parameters, DDA assists designers gain insights that equip them with all they need to know to make informed, optimised product specifications. The ultimate result is a safer, more comprehensive build – as well as added peace of mind for the designer, allowing them to build their vision by making anchor design compliant to European Technical Approval (ETA) anchor approvals an effortless task.”


DDA’s Base Plate Anchorage is the standard tool to use when considering anchorage to concrete and allows complete geometric flexibility with the anchor patterns or base plate shape. Designs are calculated to be compliant with the latest major published design criteria and use products that have been tested by independent approval bodies for performance. Further extending the functionality of base plate designs, users can now leverage this software using Australian Steel Profiles ensuring the selected anchor is fit for purpose.

Robust features such as the Anchor Comparison’s functionality enables users to intelligently select the optimal product for the design. The new software allows for quick comparisons of anchors either for a broad analysis or a more detailed look the comparison tool can be used to select anchors to review the detailed properties and results.

The anchor comparison tool allows the user to quickly consider, select and optimize the right post-installed anchorage for any application, including anchor layouts for seismic applications together with Dewalt’s range of seismic-approved anchors.

DDA offers numerous other benefits, chief among them a range of time-saving measures. Fully detailed design reports are created automatically and provide project documentation, while multiple anchors and load capacity tables can be calculated at once offering a complete analysis. The software also automatically updates to ensure that the designer is always working with current product approvals and the latest design methods providing another beneficial time-saving innovation. Maglaras says:

“As well as giving designers, specifiers and builders more confidence, savings in time and money, the new software solution from DEWALT also removes any confusion out of compliance management.” 


“As we move in 2021, innovations in time saving and fit-for-purpose building products and tools will be key.  Our latest building solution reinforces the company’s reputation for tireless innovation and complete solutions that are trade focused and add value to the jobsite productivity.”'
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