Michelin Introduces the New XD Mineworks Tyre for Quarries and Mines

The new Michelin XD Mineworks tyre is a 49″ tyre for 100-ton mining and quarry dump trucks.

Michelin XD Mineworks tyre. Source: Michelin

It features:

  • Worry- free product experience
  • Minimal maintenance ( designed for minimal rotation)
Michelin XD. Source: Michelin

Backed by Michelin’s history of performance

Michelin has a strong heritage when it comes to supporting mines, quarries and contractors. The Michelin XD Mineworks tire was built with high-quality innovations you know and trust. It was created:

  • By a team of global experts
  • With advanced casing and compound technologies for surface mining tires
  • Utilizing the latest design principles
  • To address the aggressive everyday needs of mines and quarries

Benefits for “Pace of mind”

The Michelin XD Mineworks tire is designed with a new tread pattern and new depth to deliver even wear and minimal maintenance. This tire can:

  • Handle heavy loads at lower pressure than competitor tires
  • Provide good balance between TKPH and wear resistance
  • Protect against aggression with a tough tread design

Handle heavy loads at lower pressure

Thanks to tough cables and innovative architecture, the Michelin XD Mineworks tire allows operators to run on .5 bar less than competitor tires (1) which:

  1. Increases aggression resistance
  2. Increases tread cut resistance

These innovations are designed to deliver big benefits for the operator and the equipment:

  1. Better driver comfort
  2. Less stress on the chassis
  3. Improved suspension

Designed for balance between Tkph and wear resistance

Better wear resistance even at a high TKPH thanks to the “High wear resistance” compound delivering the same TKPH as a “Lower wear resistance” compound.

Tough and Aggressive Tread Design

The robust and dependable tread was built to meet the needs of difficult conditions. With this tread you can expect:

  • Even wear with a design that minimizes irregularities over time
  • Minimized stone retention
  • Protection from cuts and aggression
  • Non-directional tread

Michelin’s complete 49” tire portfolio


Technical Specifications


Source: Michelin

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