The Difference between Doosan Parts and Aftermarket Parts

Your Doosan Operation & Maintenance Manual advises to only use Doosan filters, Doosan engine oil, Doosan hydraulic oil and more.

The Difference between Doosan and Aftermarket Parts and Filters. Source: Doosan

There are so many places you can buy parts today. A quick web search brings up listings of several will-fit (replacement) parts that manufacturers claim work in Doosan construction equipment, such as excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks.

But think of it this way – there’s a difference between cheap shoes that will fit your feet and shoes that you feel comfortable running 10 kilometers in. The situation is similar for construction equipment parts: “will-fit” does not mean a good fit or good construction, and that difference can have big consequences for your machine.

With that in mind, Doosan tells about the differences between a Doosan part and an aftermarket part.

What’s Inside the Doosan Filter Matters

A filter that is the same size and shape on the outside can function very differently on the inside. The design and materials used determines what can pass through. Every original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter is designed to very specific tolerances to match the diesel engine it’s designed for.

The aftermarket filter manufacturer might know the size and shape of an OEM filter, but matching the exact construction can be impossible unless the third party has access to the exact specifications for the engine — which can change.

Formula Matters in Doosan Engine and Hydraulic Oil

Engine oil, hydraulic oil and the other critical fluids in your construction equipment are exposed to very high levels of heat and pressure.

The formulation of the fluids can affect the temperature of the engine, the amount of soot created in combustion and the performance of the hydraulic system.

Doosan Parts Pass The Test

Doosan engineers test filters and fluids by themselves in Doosan equipment and also every time a new part is introduced, all parts are tested for compatibility.

There is simply no easy way to verify whether aftermarket manufacturers have quality tested their products in your specific Doosan machine. Are you willing to take that risk?

Control What You Can Control

Doosan parts are designed, formulated and tested for your Doosan machines. Where can you buy Doosan filters, Doosan engine oil, Doosan hydraulic oil and other Doosan parts? Contact your local Doosan dealer.

Source: Doosan'
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