All about the All Lift Heavy-Duty Forklifts’ Rental Proposal

If there was one question asked the most, it’s ‘how much is forklift hire?’ There are a number of factors that go into the rate quote of a hired forklift or access equipment.

CVS Ferrari F500.RS1 Reach Stacker. Courtesy of: All Lift

The quickest way to know how much Allilift hiring a forklift will cost is to chat with them about your project and get a personalized quote.

Heavy Lifting Forklifts

Heavy lifting or heavy-duty forklifts typically have lift capacities ranging from 16 to 50 tonne and are designed with a substantial load center to ensure no tipping or instability while in operation, or still. They make lifting and moving jobs easy and time-effective. Heavy-duty forklifts are also known to be far more stable on rough, soft, muddy, or icy terrain in precarious environments.

All Lift offers several heavy-duty forklifts for these jobs, but most notably is the heavy-duty forklift trucks CVS Ferrari. They are fitted with powertrains, hydraulics, and electrics that are perfectly suited to oversized load lifting and moving, with a high mounted engine for working in even the most difficult conditions.

The Liugong 16.0T Diesel are also strong and reliable heavy lifting forklifts for all high capacity jobs.

The Liugong 16.0T Diesel. Courtesy of: All Lift

Reach Stackers

These machines are the safest, most effective, and reliable way to maneuver loads at a height, without risking the safety of anyone onsite, nor potentially ruin, drop or break the materials being moved. These are typically used in wholesale warehouse operations but are equally effective on rougher terrains in outside environments. These jobs would be difficult at best and impossible at worst if not for these machines having such a niche, but vital, the capability to not only lift some of the heaviest materials but also reach heights not possible by any other forklift type.

All Lift new CVS Ferrari RSE models have a dedicated design for handling large loads that require significant height capabilities, with in-built durability that is widely considered the very best in the industry.

Source: All Lift'
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