Doosan Provides a Guide to Find an Equipment Dealer

You don’t just shop for a wheel loader or excavator — you shop for the whole dealership. Construction equipment dealers now play bigger roles in their customers’ businesses. You should form a partnership for parts, maintenance and telematics support.

That means there’s more to consider than just specs when you buy a machine. A new machine can spark a years-long partnership. Find a dealer who delivers on parts and service to protect your uptime and your bottom line.

It’s a decision that can matter just as much as the brand behind your machine. So how do you size ‘em up? Doosan provides a buyer’s guide to finding an equipment dealer.

How Equipment Buyers Should Gauge Area Dealers

Compare the locations where you work to those of equipment dealers in your city or region. If you work statewide, or in a multistate area, look for a multisite dealer across that same area.

Next, ask around. Your industry peers in the area will likely know about the dealers on your shortlist. Reviews exist online, too — just take them with a grain of salt.

Now it’s time to reach out and contact an equipment dealer. Write down every single question you may have — not just about the machine, but about service capacities, too. Consider these to start:

  • How long might it take the dealer to dispatch technicians to the field
  • How many technicians are there, and what are their experience levels
  • How might telematics work into the dealer’s support strategy

Then, once you’re speaking directly with a dealer, fire away. Remember: every detail — even the way you’re greeted on the phone — can offer a hint at that dealer’s level of quality and service.

A Final Word: Trust Your Gut

After you’ve done all your homework to survey, research and question equipment dealers in your area, go with the facts and, ultimately, your gut. It’s not just about the dealer’s capabilities, but how your personalities match up, too. Make sure you feel that you connect with the dealer and that your skill sets align.

In the end, a new machine will mean a business relationship with that dealer for the foreseeable future. Doing the right homework ahead of time can lead to years of reliable support for your business.

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