Brokk Launches the Online Platform for Connected Demolition Robots

Brokk launches an online platform for connected Brokk demolition robots. Brokk Connect is a hardware and software solution uniquely designed for Brokk robots, that connects the robots to an online portal where users can track and manage their machines. In addition to providing real-time data, it analyzes information to help Brokk owners optimize their machine utilization and machine uptime. Combined with a Brokk Uptime service agreement, it enables Brokk customers to fully focus on maximizing the value of their business.

Brokk Launches the Online Platform for Connected Demolition Robots. Source: Brokk

Brokk Connect is an online platform developed especially for connected Brokk robots. The solution includes both hardware and software that are unique to meet the specific requirements of the operation and management of demolition robots.

The Brokk Connect hardware installed on the machine is connected to both the control unit and all the sensors on the machine. The Brokk Connect software is uniquely designed to process and analyze all the data from the robot to help Brokk owners and operators to always be in full control. To provide coverage and always-on operation, the connection to the robot is over the mobile phone network.

Through the online platform, you can locate and manage the entire robot fleet, get precise information of every activity, and alert you of any needs for attention or any service requirement. Some of the key benefits are:

ACCESS: Always have access to real-time information about the location of the robot, the status, operational data, and any need for attention.

MANAGE: Leverage the operational data to increase fleet utilization, fleet operation and optimize project planning. Track the status of the machines to maintain proactively and avoid downtime. And troubleshoot remotely and in real-time if something goes wrong.

RELAX: Add an Uptime service contract to Brokk Connect and let Brokk take care of your machines.

Brokk monitors and keeps your robots healthy and always ready for the next job.

Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group, says:

“Since Brokk Connect is a solution developed by Brokk, and not a standard system just added to the robot, it can be completely designed to create maximum value for Brokk owners. Whether the user’s focus is to improve machine utilization and business operation or to maintain and monitor the machine’s health, the system supports that. In fact, more and more of our customers are discovering the value of simply letting Brokk take care of their robots, while they focus on running their business.”

Brokk Connect will initially be launched in Sweden, Switzerland and Italy. Later in 2021, it will become available in the rest of Europe and North America. Then followed by the rest of the world, including Australia. Brokk Connect will be available for delivery on all new Brokk robots but can also be retrofitted on older models. This way Brokk customers can get their entire fleet connected.'
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