Kobelco Launches the New SK380SRLC Excavator

Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia (KCMA) announces the arrival of the SK380SRLC 37-tonne excavator with a short radius design for the growing 35-tonne market segment.

The New Kobelco SK380SRLC Excavator. Source: Kobelco

The SK380SRLC is the limited tailswing excavator in the market to enter the 35 tonne class, bringing great lifting and digging performance to tight access worksites, to meet the growing needs of urban infrastructure projects around the world. The SK380SRLC delivers great efficiency and productivity with increased power and digging performance, alongside uncompromising operator comfort and machine operability.

The combination of Japanese technology and customer-led feedback has resulted in particular performance specifications for the new SK380SRLC. A 7,684cc Hino turbocharged liquid cooled diesel engine meets international emissions standards, future proofing Australian businesses while delivering efficient power to the refined hydraulic system and drivetrain – which shares many components with Kobelco’s established conventional machines in the 35 tonne class.

The robust and proven powertrain delivers a drawbar force of 314kN for smooth and steady operation across rough terrain and slopes – even when lifting heavy objects. The combination of high hydraulic pressure and a balanced chassis layout delivers a lifting capability of 12,390kg at 6.0m reach. When you need more power instantly, engage Power Boost to get 10% more power – with no time limit.

The New Kobelco SK380SRLC Excavator. Source: Kobelco

Kobelco’s swing priority system automatically and instantly delivers dedicated one pump flow to the swing circuit when the arm-in and swing functions are used simultaneously, without the need to change modes. Combined with a swing torque of 120kN, the SK380SRLC makes quick work of trenching and back-filling operations.

In addition to lifting and digging performance, the SK380SRLC is designed for easy pairing with any hydromechanical attachment, such as rock breakers or tilt-rotators, and its short tailswing design allows it to easily work in a single road lane, making it suitable for demanding tasks in urban environments. The SK380SRLC is equipped with standard bi-directional hydraulic piping as well as secondary auxiliary lines – complete with a separate dedicated pump allowing precision multi-function control of any attachment with a tilt or rotate function. Quick hitch hydraulic lines are also standard equipment.

The New Kobelco SK380SRLC Excavator. Source: Kobelco

The cube shaped ROPS cabin makes the most of straight lines, resulting in a large cabin interior that is spacious and can accommodate operators of all sizes, while sight lines and expansive windows optimise visibility. The FOPS Level 2 guard is now hinged to provide effortless access to the external roof glass, which can now be easily cleaned for improved visibility, without compromising on structural integrity. Jobsite safety is enhanced by three standard cameras located on all sides of the machine, displayed on an additional monitor to allow for a wide view of the worksite, while swing flashers—a Kobelco exclusive—enhance safety on site by providing a visual indicator when the machine is in motion.

The New Kobelco SK380SRLC Excavator. Source: Kobelco

The premium operator station is sealed and pressurised to prevent dust intrusion, combining a powerful automatic climate control system that is built for the Australian climate, with modern cabin amenities that ensure a comfortable and productive operator. Air conditioning vents are placed around the cabin with air flow directed toward the operator’s neck and back, designed to provide all day comfort even in high ambient temperatures. The air-cushioned suspension seat by Grammer is Kobelco branded and incorporates a heated seat switch to take the chill out of cool mornings. A standard 12V charging receptacle is provided alongside an audio auxiliary jack, while the standard Bluetooth integrated stereo system allows the operator to stream audio.

The New Kobelco SK380SRLC Excavator. Source: Kobelco

The colour LCD multi-display screen shows important information such as fuel consumption and maintenance intervals. Up to 10 preset attachment settings can be selected from the comfort of the cabin, with independently programmable settings for flow and pressure, while three work modes—including an ECO mode that automatically optimises digging efficiency—allow the operator to select the right mode for the task at hand. The easily recognisable on-screen graphics and helpful one-touch attachment mode switch icons let the operator confirm the proper configuration at a glance.

Commenting on the introduction of the new SK380SRLC, KCMA General Manager of Product & Distribution, Mark Johnson said:

“Considering the high level of infrastructure and residential construction projects underway in and around capital cities, there is increasingly a need for heavier machines to work in limited access urban areas.”


“Traditionally, operating a 35 tonne machine has meant sacrificing accessibility for machine capability, but we see the new SK380SRLC as being the best of both worlds—it delivers the digging performance and hydraulic capability that certain applications demand, with an overall machine footprint that is easier to manage. With its increased digging performance, high lift capacity and Kobelco’s refined hydraulic control, it’s an ideal machine for everything from trenching, to on-site material handling, to rock breaking. It’s a very versatile machine that is certain to meet the needs of our customers in Australia and New Zealand.”

The Kobelco SK380SRLC is available at dealers around Australia and New Zealand from April 2021.

The New Kobelco SK380SRLC Excavator. Source: Kobelco
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