CLAAS Expands the Cemos System to Axion 900 Terra Trac Tractors

Following the introduction of Cemos for Tractors on the Arion and Axion tractor series by CLAAS, the dialogue-based operator assistance system is now available for the Axion 900 Terra Trac half-track large tractor series. In addition, the implement assistant has been extended at no extra cost to include disc mowers.

CLAAS expands Cemos for tractors environment. Source: CLAAS

Having established a technological lead with the self-learning operator assistance and machine optimisation system for combine and forage harvesters, CLAAS extended this ground-breaking technology to the tractor sector with the launch of Cemos for Tractors. The “DLG-approved” quality seal awarded in December 2020 certified increases in area output of up to 16.3% and at the same time, fuel savings of up to 16.8% during cultivation work. So impressive are the efficiency savings achieved by Cemos for Tractors that the CLAAS Axion 960 Cemos was voted Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2021 by a panel of 26 international journalists.

Cemos for Tractors was previously only available on the CLAAS Arion 500, Arion 600, Axion 800 and Axion 900 series – and versions with Cebis and the Cmatic continuously variable transmission – but also, until now, has only covered cultivation work. CLAAS has now extended the range of both machines and applications in the Cemos for Tractors environment.

Cemos optimises work with mowers

In spring 2021, Cemos for Tractors will be expanded to include disc mowers. The mower assistant is designed for all brands of mounted rear and front mowers as well as front-rear and butterfly combinations. The driver enters the working width just once, followed by the basic settings such as crop (e.g. grass, alfalfa, green rye, etc.), the type of placement (wide placement or swath) and the PTO speed. Then Cemos helps the driver correctly align the mower bar, set the right cut height and ground pressure, adjust the lift height and select a suitable overlap.  The system takes care of basic settings such as adjusting the lower and upper links and securing the rear lower links with the side stabilisers, as well as ensuring that the drive shaft is the correct length.

Cemos for Tractors also helps the driver select the suitable conditioner speed and makes recommendations for adjusting the swath drums or swath discs before starting a job. All conventional laying strategies are stored in the system for mowers with swath merging systems. In addition, Cemos for Tractors suggests suitable settings for the belt speed. And if a mower combination is equipped with hydraulic ground pressure slope adjustment and swath merging, that can also be taken care of.

To further reduce the driver’s workload, Cemos for Tractors can also help with programming the headland management system and assigning the function buttons, especially when working with Isobus. It also assists with transport position settings for on-road travel, for example by ensuring that the mower bar on front mowers is locked or that the maximum permitted transport height is not exceeded.

The implement assistant for disc mowers is available from spring 2021 for all Cemos for Tractors systems as an additional feature at no extra cost. This function can be retrofitted to tractors already fitted with Cemos by means of an update.

CLAAS expands Cemos for tractors environment. Source: CLAAS

Cemos for Tractors now available for the Axion Terra Trac

Now the Axion 930 Terra Trac and Axion 960 Terra Trac large-series half-track tractors with full suspension can also benefit from the leading self-learning operator assistance and machine optimisation system – currently the only one of its kind in the world. The basic operating principle of Cemos for Tractors as well as the integrated implement assistant for ploughs and disc mowers have been borrowed from the Arion and Axion series. However, the half-track series required the tyre pressure and ballasting areas to be specially modified since a far greater proportion of the tractive force is transferred via the rear axle and crawler track assembly compared to standard tractors, and wheel weights cannot be used on the rear axle.

So the system developed for the Axion Terra Trac only covers the internal tyre pressure on the front axle, while the driver simply enters the belt width of the crawler tracks once under basic settings. Since the crawler tracks have a larger footprint than conventional tyres and the crawler track assembly is heavier, extra ballast is not normally needed on the rear axle. With Cemos for Tractors, the Axion Terra Trac – already proven to be a soil-friendly tracked tractor on the market – will be even more efficient, even more versatile and even more soil-friendly.

This is because Cemos for Tractors helps the operator select the suitable ballasting strategy to avoid overballasting, leading to unnecessarily high soil pressure, and at the same time to achieve optimal traction and so prevent damaging slip. Combined with reduced diesel consumption, this equates to a great level of sustainability.

CLAAS expands Cemos for tractors environment. Source: CLAAS

Source: CLAAS'
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