Venieri Introduces the VF 9.63D HE Earthmover with Bosh Rexroth’s Hydrostatic Transmission

Venieri’s history dates back to 1948, in the town of Belricetto di Lugo, where Ferdinando and Carlo Venieri designed and built the first crawler tractor: the Venieri–Morris Cingoletta, an agricultural adaptation that had never been seen before.

VF 9.63D HE. Source: VF Venieri

Over the years, the product range became increasingly specialised, featuring a series of agricultural tractors. While continuing to produce agricultural machinery, earthmoving eventually became the company’s core business and remains so to this today. In 1974, it became a joint-stock company and adopted its current name of VF Venieri S.P.A. From that moment onward, the company’s goal was not just to bring innovation to the domestic market, but to extend globally as well. In 1986, the first hydrostatic articulated backhoe loader was introduced: an innovative technology that provided maneuverability, versatility and stability.

VF Venieri today: a woman at the helm

In a predominantly male industry, VF Venieri SpA’s president, Giacomina Venieri, has succeeded in becoming the undisputed soul of the company ever since she took the helm. Today, this family-owned company, thanks to its select network of dealers, boasts a worldwide presence in more than 53 different countries spanning 5 continents. The travel drive has become standard on all its machines, and the entire production department has been sustained by self-produced energy, 100% generated from renewable sources, ever since 2010. Seventy years of changes and challenges, in which the entire range of loaders underwent a comprehensive renovation, with the introduction of Stage V engines, offering reduced emissions and fuel consumption, and the performance that distinguishes every machine made in Lugo di Romagna. While VF Venieri has inherited its founder’s drive for innovation, it is also skilful at manoeuvring during time of prosperity and crisis thanks to its identity and skills: foreseeing the market’s needs, listening to the customers’ requirements, customising its earthmoving machinery, and constantly putting itself to the test.

The partnership between VF Venieri and Bosch Rexroth

The partnership between the two companies dates back to 1968, when VF Venieri became the world’s first company to apply the travel drive to earthmoving machinery. While the joint work carried out to come up with this solution was complex and extremely challenging, the synergy between the two companies, on both a professional and human level, transformed obstacles into opportunities: in fact, ever since 1992, the travel drive has been proven to outperform the traditional transmission on specific machines and systems. This historic partnership can be summed up in a single phrase: We make all the running.

VF 9.63D HE. Source: VF Venieri

The Venieri VF 963D HE machine with the Bosch Rexroth Shift On-The-Fly transmission

The Bosch Rexroth transmission consists of the new A4VG 35 series pump, and the A6VM 65 series engine, and is managed by a control unit with DRC software, which offers the possibility of customising the driving and working style with different drive modes. Designed and built in just 24 months, the VF 963D HE is equipped with the Bosch Rexroth Shift On-The-Fly gearbox, and guarantees operation without power loss, complete with an automotive-style driving feel. Thanks to this technology, the user can adjust the machine’s operation to suit their needs by selecting different drive modes, which automatically set the speed, rapidity, fluidity and aggressiveness of the machine’s movement. Thanks to the electronic control unit, the diesel engine’s power management has been optimised with overload, over-revving and high-temperature monitoring functions. Another feature is the overall reduction in fuel consumption and, in particular, the possibility of reaching the same speeds a lower engine speeds thanks to the Eco mode function.

Lastly, with regard to safety, the DRC’s electronically managed transmission includes a number of safety functions that, in accordance with the manufacturer’s safety concept, help it achieve the performance levels required by the current standards (e.g. EN13849).

There is a wide range of applications, from winter maintenance, to applications in the fields of Civil Defence, industry, road maintenance, construction and agriculture. These results bring together the identities, strengths, skills, technological know-how, degree of specialisation, and commitment to customisation of these two companies. As far as the future is concerned, VF Venieri and Bosch Rexroth plan to continue working together. Filippo Muccinelli Venieri, General Manager of VF Venieri Spa, said:

“Our partnership with Bosh Rexroth is a historic one that continues to work well. Together, we are committed to ensuring that product quality always remains a top priority, while at the same time offering excellent productivity, efficiency, versatility and low maintenance costs. We are proud of the fact that this synergy allows us to set ourselves apart from our competitors, offering something that’s hard to come by these days: a constant commitment to quality”.

Ugo Paternuosto, Sales Product management and Application, said:

“Bosch Rexroth is proud of the work that it carried out with VF Venieri on such a challenging project. Compared to traditional hydraulics, the new electronic DRC solution offers better performance, flexibility and safety, and the machine has been an enormous success. We are two down-to-earth companies: we produce complex and sometimes futuristic technologies designed to facilitate the everyday work of our end customers. And we managed to do it again this time as well. Together.”

VF 9.63D HE. Source: VF Venieri'
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