RDO Equipment Welcomes New John Deere Bogie Skidder to the Fleet

RDO Equipment offers the new John Deere six-wheel 768L-II Bogie Skidder to forestry customers across the country, as the sector positions itself for growth.

John Deere six-wheel 768L-II Bogie Skidder. Source: RDO Equipment

The new 768L-II Bogie Skidder has just landed in Australia and offers the features found on the John Deere L-II Skidder series.

RDO Equipment’s General Manager of Sales, Nathan Psaila, says the 768L-II was tested in the Australian market and its features refined prior to release, making it ready to work in Australia’s tough environment. Nathan says:

“Australian forests are known for their challenging topography and climates, in particular wet weather conditions. The new bogie skidder delivers outstanding traction, stability and flotation with its six-wheeled base, perfect for slippery, wet and steep slopes.”


“This enables our customers to add more working days to their calendar, ensuring they’re achieving maximum uptime and productivity – regardless of the conditions they’re facing.” 

Mark Blackberry, director of one of Australia’s largest standalone forestry contractors, Sunchip Group, had two 768L-II Bogie Skidders delivered last year, and says they’ve been great machines to work with. Mark says:

“Their ability to handle tough or steep terrain has been a real standout for our operators and our work, plus the operator comfort inside the cab in superb. We’ve had a bit of a dry season so haven’t had the chance to test it out on wetter conditions as of yet, but I’m confident it will be able to handle whatever we throw at it.” 


“I also can’t look past the support of the RDO Equipment and John Deere teams. They have been instrumental in ensuring we had safe delivery of these machines, and meet with us regularly to iron out any issues before they have a significant impact on our productivity and uptime.”

The new bogie skidder offers great handling and power in different conditions, and it also comes with a new arch design with an expansive rearward view of the grapple and work area, providing better visibility. Maneuverability is also improved with a long wheelbase and boom-arch, plus a tight turning radius enhances agility at the log landing. Nathan says:

“Having a reliable machine in your fleet that’s highly productive, easy to operate and tough will ensure a smooth workflow and assist with any bottlenecks. And of course, you can expect to be backed by the full service and support of RDO Equipment’s factory-trained forestry service mechanics.”


“We always look to create sustainable, and prosperous relationships with our customers. We try to work with a holistic view of their business, looking through a long-term lens for their business operations, contracts, service expectations and machinery requirements to ensure we’re providing them with the best solutions.”

Source: RDO Equipment