Auger Torque Launches the 100,000 Max Earth Drill

Engineered to work with excavators between 21 and 50 tonnes, 100,000 Max Earth Drill provides 100,000Nm of torque and 15RPM. The 100K Max is geared for high torque applications including, but not limited to, screw pile/anchor installation, large diameter drilling and core barrelling.

Auger Torque Launches the 100,000 Max Earth Drill. Courtesy of Auger Torque

The Auger Torque engineering team has ensured the earth drill offers great versatility and whilst maintaining a weight of just over 1 ton. Testing of the 100K Max, for both wide and deep drilling applications, has been extensive across harsh environments in Australia, UK, and South Africa, including rocky ground.

This new earth drill boasts different key features and benefits, including:

Epicyclic Gearbox – Torque multiplication with durability and reliability

• Axial Piston Motor – High speed with high torque, up to 15rpm

• Single Piece Non-Dislodgement Shaft – Patented safety feature with lifetime warranty

150mm Hex Shaft – Bigger shaft, plus our hex shaft stronger than competitor’s square

The Auger Torque 100,000 Max Earth Drill in action. Courtesy of Auger Torque

Kelvin Hamilton, Head of Auger Torque, Australia, said:

“We were getting more and more requests for a high torque earth drill at an optimal weight, particularly with the growing requirement in the market for screw piling and core barrelling applications. We are extremely fortunate to have had the likes of Keller in the UK and Jordan Rail in Australia help us test the product and really put it through its paces. This combined with rigorous factory testing we were able to ascertain how hard it can work and for how long and so we are confident in its capability and excited about the opportunities this presents.” 

Source: Auger Torque'
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