Kubota Adds the new SVL97-2 Compact Track Loader to the Line-Up

Kubota includes the all-new Kubota SVL97-2 Compact Track Loader to its line-up.

Courtesy of Kubota

Replacing the SVL95-2s that brought users bucket breakout force, lifting capacity, a front sliding window and ergonomic operator cabins, the SVL97-2 keeps those same features and specifications while improving quality and function.

With improved sealing, redesigned diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank and a clean-burning Tier 4 Final 96.4 horsepower Kubota engine, the SVL97-2 Track Loader delivers users performance and productivity.

Kubota Assistant Product Manager Nathan Thomas said the modifications to the new SVL97-2 are all about user comfort and experience. He said:

“We are excited to announce the introduction of the SVL97-2 Compact Track Loader to our existing range, continuing on the best aspects of the previous model with additional improvements.” 


“An update to the sealing increases the cabin pressure and eliminates the risk of water and dust ingression. The addition of grommets on the cabin floor further increases cabin pressure, ensuring a cleaner cabin environment and better air conditioning.”


“DEF tank capacity has decreased in size from 18.5 litres to 12 litres in volume to improve longevity and minimise DEF deterioration, while the redesigned lockable DEF fuel cover eliminates the risk of accidental diesel fill ups.”


“Modifications to the brackets and the repositioning of the clamps on the DEF harness improves durability by reducing possible friction and vibration damage ensuring longevity.”

The outer cover of the hydraulic oil tank gauge, prone to dust build up, has been removed to enhance operator visibility when checking the hydraulic oil level.

Mr Thomas said reliable functionality has been front-of-mind for Kubota developers which is demonstrated by the focus on retaining the key features of the SVL95-2s and complementing them with improvements. Mr Thomas said:

“We are excited to bring the SVL97-2 to the track loader line-up. After listening to customer feedback, we have kept the best features and concentrated on improving quality and function to provide a comfortable and reliable user experience.” 

Courtesy of Kubota
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