[Job Story] Hustler Boom Sprayer in Action on a New Zealand Farm

Hustler Equipment visited Mark Haynes on his farm, Oheniwairua Station, located in the Hawke’s Bay Region, New Zealand.

Courtesy of Hustler

Mark is thrilled to have chosen a Hustler Applic8r mounted boom sprayer a few months ago and thinks it’s a “wonderful machine”. Mark farms on 5,500 effective hectares with about 46,000 stock units comprised of sheep, cattle and deer.

Mark was looking for a versatile and compact mounted boom sprayer that would handle a large variety of applications, from fertiliser to herbicide and insecticide on both crops and grass paddocks. He explains that with the Hustler Applic8r LX1150,

“we can use it all through this machine. All around, it’s just a good machine to use, for everything.”

The Hustler sprayer range is ideal for livestock farmers or crop farmers willing to use a sprayer in tight paddocks and small to medium size areas, especially on rough terrain or rolling hill country. Mark chose to equip his sprayer with a Hustler SonicBoom which is hydraulicly folded as

“you don’t have to get out and fold anything away,”

Mark said.

Some other time-savers make the Applic8r very easy to use according to Mark, such as the handy storage container on the side of the main tank or the extra freshwater tank.

For Mark, one of the key benefits is the GPS guidance unit he decided to add to his sprayer configuration.

“You can outline your paddock where you go it’ll paint the paddock for you, if you overlap or anything, that part of the boom is shut off itself automatically,”

Mark detailed.

Courtesy of Hustler

Hustler Applic8r sprayer helped Mark to “save on chemical” and to get the perfect application for his operation.

“Hustler is a wonderful product, well made, the backup service and the people at the factory are just wonderful to deal with.”

Before buying his Hustler sprayer, Mark has done his homework, asking fellow farmers. Mark has received good feedback about the brand, whether it is the sprayers or other machines manufactured by Hustler. Several neighbours in the district own a Hustler product and they “can’t fault them” while “the backup service is really good”.

“All around, it’s just a good machine to use, for everything.”

As Hustler Equipment head office is based some 45 minutes away from Oheniwairua Station, Mark was also happy to support a local company with a good reputation.

Source: Hustler

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