Kobelco Launches the new SK500XDLC-10 Excavator

Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia (KCMA) has recently released the first in a line of extra heavy-duty excavators in its XD Series, the SK500XDLC-10. The SK500XD is built for great durability, engineered to operate in harsh conditions for a variety of applications in Australia, such as quarry excavation, subdivision work, underground utility installation, and heavy infrastructure. Weighing in at 52,200 kg, the SK500XD is the heaviest machine in its class.

The new Kobelco SK500XDLC-10 Excavator. Courtesy of Kobelco

Designed for extreme work environments, the SK500XD is purpose-built with a robust machine body and substantial additional reinforcements to all key areas of stress and wear across the boom, arm, underbody and undercarriage. The specially adapted heavy-duty boom and arm set is built to last in harsh applications, and features factory fitted, triple-plated, hardened steel applied to all key structural sections, including the boom to arm connection, the boom centre and the end of the arm—providing high level of durability and longevity to the attachment structures. A specially designed full-length rock guard is installed on the inside of the dipper arm, on top of additional steel plating.

The introduction of a quadruple track guide frame provides confidence and reliability in harsh and rocky underfoot conditions, while reinforced heavy-duty 600mm triple grouser shoes make easy work of rough terrain. Durability of the track links has also increased, while the idler frame has received substantial double reinforcement plating inside and out, resulting in improved undercarriage reliability, while preventing premature wear of this key structure. A heavy-duty steel bolted underbody guard protects vital machine components and provides additional weight for greater stability. This strength and durability has resulted in a machine that can stand up to the extreme work sites.

Kobelco’s advanced hydraulic system is engineered for great performance and productivity. The 10.52L Hino turbocharged liquid cooled diesel delivers 257 kW of power, with a reliable design and a tropical cooling pack ensuring reliability in high ambient temperatures. The direct-drive pump set is managed by Kobelco’s Intelligent Total Control System (ITCS), which combined with a standard extra auxiliary pump delivers a total flow of 800 L/min.

The new Kobelco SK500XDLC-10 Excavator. Courtesy of Kobelco

With a bucket breakout force of 293 kN, and powerful slew torque of 183 kN, the SK500XD produces fast digging cycle times, delivering a new level of machine productivity.

Powerful tractive force of 415 kN sets the benchmark in the class, providing plenty of drawbar pull to climb steep stockpiles, as well as a great speed when transiting, climbing slopes or negotiating rough terrain, even when lifting a heavy load. The SK500XD also comes factory equipped with bi-directional primary auxiliary hydraulics, along with proportional hand-controlled tilt/rotate piping and quick hitch piping, while a convenient in-cab pressure relief function simplifies tool changes by relieving pressure from the attachment hydraulics.

The SK500XD is also built for a fuel consumption fuel efficiency under 30 L/hr in typical Australian heavy digging conditions. The new boom to arm regeneration system more efficiently controls hydraulic fluid flow and delivers a significant reduction of in-line resistance and pressure loss. As the need for fluid to be forced from the pump is reduced, less engine and hydraulic workload means higher fuel savings—improving your bottom line. Three work modes allow the operator to select the best mode for the job at hand—heavy-duty and standard work options, and an ECO-mode that automatically optimises digging efficiency, delivering a 13% decrease in fuel consumption.

Ease of serviceability was a key priority for Kobelco engineers, resulting in extended fluid service intervals, easily accessed remote mounted fluid filters, and modern engine emissions with the simplicity of no DPF to service and no requirement for AdBlue. Kobelco’s fluid filtration systems result in great hydraulic performance for the life of the machine, reducing the risk of mechanical trouble and enhancing the machine’s longevity. Reliability is enhanced by the intelligent hydraulic system, which notifies the operator if filter performance is compromised.

The addition of a new hydraulically driven cooling package with independently driven fans for the hydraulic cooler, engine radiator and intercooler, not only improves fuel economy but also reduces engine noise while providing optimal oil temperature control—for increased reliability and performance in demanding high ambient temperature environments.

The next-level lifting capabilities with the standard extreme duty 7.0m boom and 3.45m arm, reaching a 7.81m dig depth with a rated safe working load over 6,000 kg (measured at full reach over the side). The XD Series is also available in a mass excavation (ME) configuration, known as the SK520XDLC. Equipped with additional counterweight and a shorter 6.5m boom and 2.6m arm, the SK520XDLC delivers even higher breakout forces and additional bucket capacity, with a rated safe working load exceeding 8,000 kg.

A spacious cabin designed for comfort and safety results in a productive operator. The expansive front window provides a wide, unobstructed view for greater visibility, while the large cabin’s high level of pressurisation and dampening provides a quiet and airtight work environment, free from dust. The comfort is achieved with the heated and air-cushioned suspension seat, providing protection from vibration, while an automatic climate control system with vents placed around the cabin provides air flow directed toward the operator’s neck and back—designed to provide all day comfort even in high ambient temperatures. Operator fatigue is reduced over prolonged operation with pilot hydraulic joysticks delivering low lever effort, while allowing outstanding precision and control. A standard 12V charging receptacle is also provided alongside an audio auxiliary jack, while the standard Bluetooth integrated stereo system allows the operator to stream audio. A large cupholder and a large rear storage area completes the cabin.

The new Kobelco SK500XDLC-10 Excavator. Courtesy of Kobelco

The colour LCD multi-display screen shows important information, including fuel consumption and maintenance intervals, as well as the standard integrated rear-view camera. The recognizable on-screen graphics and helpful one-touch attachment mode switch icons let the operator confirm the proper configuration at a glance, while continuing to work. Up to 10 pre-set attachment settings can be selected from the comfort of the cabin, with independently programmable settings for flow and pressure to accommodate a wide variety of attachments, meaning machines can be fitted and ready to work, faster. Safety is enhanced by the FOPS Level 2 top guard, which is fitted as standard. An optional front operator guard is also available, with a convenient swing-out design allowing access to the front window for cleaning.

Kobelco’s Extended Major Component Warranty of 4 years/6,000 hours is included with all new XD Series machines. Kobelco’s GEOSCAN telematics system is also provided free of charge for 5 years, allowing remote access to a comprehensive set of machine operational and maintenance data from any web enabled device. Mark Johnson, General Manager of Product & Distribution for KCMA, says:

“The XD Series is an exciting evolution in Kobelco’s large heavy excavator product offering, setting a new benchmark for machine durability and wear guarding in the 50 tonne class.”


“The new SK500XD is the result of Kobelco’s continuous pursuit of being a leader in excavator design and durability—it’s engineered for the most extreme environments around the world. It also builds on Kobelco’s excellent reputation for machine reliability, taking it to a new level by providing a factory installed, comprehensive set of structural reinforcements—not to mention class-leading digging performance and fuel efficiency. The result is a machine that is the perfect choice for quarry work, infrastructure contractors, and civil construction.”

The Kobelco SK500XDLC is available at dealers around Australia and New Zealand from May 2021.

The new Kobelco SK500XDLC-10 Excavator. Courtesy of Kobelco
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