Joel Honeyman Sheds Light on Bobcat’s Latest Innovations

Bobcat strives to stay ahead of each new trend and pave the way for technological advances to benefit its customers. Joel Honeyman, Vice President of Global Innovation, leads a team that spend every day researching, developing and overseeing the latest technological advances in Bobcat’s compact equipment. Honeyman sheds some light on the company’s latest innovations.

Courtesy of Bobcat Australia

What does Next Is Now mean to you?

Next Is Now applies to innovation because things we had as theories and concepts 18 months ago, 12 months ago, have now come to fruition. We’ve gone to marketplace already with a couple of them, so Next is in fact Now for a number of these items and we’re really excited about that.

The technology is going to continue to evolve, and we are going to continue to stay on top of it. We’re going to be as nimble as we can be, to be able to go in different areas. Some things are going to work, and some things aren’t – and that’s OK. That’s why it’s called innovation. Unless you try and fail, you’re never going to push the envelope far enough, and that’s why it’s so important for us to do that.

How would you describe the renewed spirit of Bobcat?

If you rewound the clock to 12, 18 or 24 months ago, we were talking about innovations and knew we had projects on the horizon. But I think it’s in the couple of months – and even in the last number of weeks, with all the new products we’re launching, including R-Series loaders and new R2-Series excavators and some of the new technologies – that people have become really energised. Employees are enthusiastic, and we’re getting great support from them for future innovation projects.

During a couple of months, just thinking about all the new product launches and all the new things that are going to be coming out, people are genuinely excited. We have so much to offer. Just like in our 60-year-plus heritage, we are continuing to be the innovation leader. Employees know that we’re working on the latest and greatest things to help our customers and dealers be successful. And that’s a really great thing to be a part of.

Source: Bobcat Australia'
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