[Job Story] Ghostwood Landscapes Adds a new Avant Mini Loader

When an arborist friend of Blake Motycka from Ghostwood Landscapes, in the NSW Southern Highlands, could not stop raving about his new Avant loader, he knew he had to investigate if this machine could be a good fit for his business.

After a month or so of doing some groundwork, Blake did the numbers and knew he could not expand their landscape construction business without new machinery. The Avant loader seemed to perfectly suit their needs.

Blake visited Avant Equipment for a demo of an Avant loader to make sure that it could meet his business needs. Steve Gage, Director of Avant Equipment, was able to answer questions on all the technical aspects and benefits that an Avant mini loader could bring to the jobs associated with a landscape construction business.

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As a landscape construction business, Ghostwood Landscapes is required to do a wide range of jobs. These jobs include vegetation management, moving bulk landscape materials onsite, digging out new garden beds, spreading compost and mulch, lifting and planting mature trees, moving tools around site and lifting heavy concrete sleepers into position. With such a varied range of jobs they needed a versatile machine that could be used for any job and access sites easily.

Courtesy of Avant Equipment


There were key features about the Avant mini loader that interested Blake including:

  • Telescopic boom – for loading into high sided trucks and mulch in garden beds.
  • Gentle under foot – leaves clients’ lawns intact without damage.
  • Boom float – makes it easy to spread and level compost, soil, gravel etc
  • Quick coupling connection – makes it quick and easy to change attachments onsite.
  • Ability to purchase extra attachments in the future – 1 machine with so many uses.
Courtesy of Avant Equipment

Blake advises:

“The Avant loader is the most versatile machine we have come across.  It can do so much more than a Bobcat or an excavator, is small enough for tight spaces, and doesn’t chew up clients’ lawns! Perhaps the telescopic boom is one of our favourite features.” 


“We can’t imagine ever going back to the way we did things before!  The Avant loader is so easy to use that our new apprentice was on it in his first week on the job.  We can do things so much faster than before; we don’t need to worry about being stuck with excess or heavy materials because we know we can easily move them, and we are no longer having to worry about whether the hire company has the machine we need available on the days we need it!” 

Courtesy of Avant Equipment


Blake says:

“The tasks that we purchased the Avant loader for now only make up about 30% of the tasks our Avant loader actually does for us – we have found so much more that it can do, and we’re always looking for new ways to use it. Now we have an Avant loader to help us with the very physical parts of our jobs we know that our bodies will last as long as we need them to.”

Ghostwood Landscapes currently has a few attachments that have replaced their wheelbarrow and manual labour, and Blake advised that:

“We can do so much already with just our Avant 423 loader and the attachments that we have, but a digger attachment would be handy in place of purchasing an excavator, and it would be nice to have a horse arena harrow for home!”.

Courtesy of Avant Equipment

On Avant Equipment

Blake advises:

“The service is fantastic. We had a great demo at the showroom and had our million questions answered.  Nothing is too much trouble when we ring or email, and the last time we ordered an attachment it was delivered same-day!”

Courtesy of Avant Equipment

Source: Avant Equipment

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