Tigercat H-Series Skidders Arrive in Australia through Onetrak

The new Tigercat H-Series skidders have arrived in Australia through Onetrak and offer a range of improved features.

Courtesy of Onetrak

Tigercat skidders just got a whole lot better with a completely redesigned operator station and numerous advancements to boost productivity and minimise downtime.

The new H-series incorporate the 620H, 630H and 632H four-wheel models, and the 625H and 635H six-wheel models.

Key refinements include a redesigned larger cab with better visibility, improved serviceability and reliability.

The redesigned operator station provides 20% more cab space than the previous E-series design. Window area has increased by 19% offering great forward and rear visibility. Additional low side windows allow for better sightlines to all tires.

With the Turnaround System the operator can now rotate the seat 220°. The seat can be locked and unlocked with a simple pushbutton control to arrange the seat in any position and the operator can easily exit either side of the cab as needed. Thanks to the 220° seat rotation operator visibility is improved while neck strain is greatly reduced.

Furthermore, the heavy duty air ride suspension seat has heating and cooling to keep the operator comfortable all year round. The reclining seat is fully adjustable with seat angle, seat extension adjustment, tilt up adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar support and a secure five-point harness comes standard for improved safety.

A completely redesigned HVAC system provides more efficient cooling capacity, 50% more air vents, infinitely variable fan speed, and an automatic defrost option. The operator will have access to a ventilated cup holder with adjustable airflow keeping the drink hot or cold, storage locations are set aside with space for a lunch box, hooks for a hardhat and jacket, along with a sturdy cell phone holder and convenient charging port.

Inside the cab you will find a LCD touchscreen display and interior walls and mats have been designed for higher durability while making cleaning easier.

Operator controls are now located on the armrests and include several new features. Independent differential lock buttons are easily accessible on the joystick with the ability to engage the front and rear separately. LED lights above the buttons illuminate making it crystal clear when they are active. A cruise control button is also available to maintain the drive command for the operator.

All H-series skidders feature load-sensing hydraulics with larger, more efficient valves. Hydraulic tank capacity has increased 20% for improved steep slope performance, along with improved level detection and more robust mounting. Horsepower has increased on the 620H, 630H, 632H, and 635H models. The 620H and 630H are now equipped with larger arch and boom cylinders. The 625H is equipped with larger arch and boom cylinders, along with larger steer and dozer cylinders – all to maximise productivity.

Engine enclosure doors have been reinforced to resist impacts. T-style compression latches ensure they stay securely closed. Belly doors now use pivot bolts to effortlessly swing open and a new smaller door makes accessing the fluid drain plugs a breeze. When tilting the cab is necessary, new ‘quarter turn’ locking pins, adjustable sweep brackets, and a larger tilt cylinder make the job much simpler. Batteries, drain hoses and fill hoses are now easily accessible within the left side step. A robust tire pressure monitoring system now comes standard on all models.

‍Source: Onetrak

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