To the Connecting Industry WA: the Morley-Ellenbrook Line

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The McGowan Government is delivering the 21km Morley-Ellenbrook Line to give people living and working in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs more transport choice. As Perth’s largest public transport project since the Mandurah Line, this project will support more than 3,000 jobs and help shape vibrant new communities.

Courtesy of Metronet

Project Overview

The Morley-Ellenbrook Line starts at Bayswater Station on the Midland Line, travels in the centre of Tonkin Highway (entering and exiting under the lanes), then through land north of Marshall Road, along the western side of Drumpellier Drive (formerly New Lord Street) and ends in Ellenbrook, south of The Parkway.

With stations at Ellenbrook, Whiteman Park, Malaga, Noranda and Morley, commuters will have easy and efficient access to train services. The existing Bayswater Station will be relocated and upgraded, and a future station is planned at Bennett Springs East as the population and development in the area increases. Each station will offer modern passenger amenities, such as cycling facilities and passenger toilets.

Environment and heritage

Metronet is committed to minimising the MorleyEllenbrook Line’s impact on the environment and sensitive areas such as Whiteman Park. As part of this commitment we strive to research, plan and put in place measures to ensure a balance between providing an efficient rail service and protecting the natural environment. As part of our environmental commitment, flora, vegetation and fauna surveys have been conducted to identify any endangered or vulnerable species and ecosystems. Every effort is made to avoid, minimise or rehabilitate environmental effects both before and during construction.

Noise and vibration

Independent noise and vibration forecasts are a key part of planning for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line. This helps identify and put in place any measures needed to minimise the impact of noise and vibration on nearby residents and communities. As the design develops, the extent and type of measures to be put in place will be confirmed.

Aboriginal heritage – working together

Metronet acknowledges the People of the Noongar Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters on which projects like the Morley-Ellenbrook Line are located. Aboriginal heritage surveys were completed in 2019 and Whadjuk representatives gave support for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line. This is on the grounds that any disturbance to Aboriginal heritage sites is minimal and the proposed railway will benefit the general community. Final support will be conditional based on further engagement in the delivery phase.

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Source: Metronet