[Job Story] Gemlife Amplifies Lifestyle Resort Projects with Cat Rental Equipment

Changing the game for retirement, Gemlife group is redefining premium living for over-50s with the development of quality life-style resorts throughout the country.

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

Changing the game for retirement, Gemlife group are redefining premium living for over-50s with the development of quality life-style resorts throughout the country.

With 9 lifestyle resorts across the Australian Eastern Seaboard, and more in the pipeline, Gemlife employs Cat Rental equipment to amplify their fleets to drive performance and guarantee the quality of their projects.

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

The Cat Rental team at Hastings Deering worked with the Gemlife Group to tailor a great rental solution to meet the highest level of productivity on their latest project at Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast.

Senior Site Supervisor at Gemlife Doug Casper says that the decision to choose Cat Rental is more than just a love for Cat equipment. Mr. Casper said:

“We don’t just go in there because we like the colour yellow, we do a lot of research into the actual pulling power of the machine.”


“We work out how economical it is, what it can burn diesel wise and look at the service intervals of those machines too.” 

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

The Hastings Deering rental solutions offer more than just machinery, with a rental fleet, customers can control their costs across servicing and maintenance to while making sure they have the right equipment for the job at hand.

With an owned fleet working on the project, Mr. Casper said that being able to bring in the latest technology to support the demand, is key to making the project run smoothly.

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

“We use a mix of rental and our own gear that we own outright, the reason is that if we need to amplify the project, we can bring other operators in the rental gear and they’ll have the same kind of advantages as the Gemlife boys in their gear.”


“Cat is the best product support out there; they have an excellent understanding of how we roll.”

Brett Stehbens, Civil Projects Manager for Gemlife said that while the right equipment is essential to ensure they can meet the high standards,  it is the back up support and service that is key to keeping the project moving. Mr Stehbens said:

“The Gemlife group generally buy their own equipment but we also rent a lot of equipment through Cat Rental. We have found their service very reliable, and the backup service is just phenomenal.”


“Gemlife prides themselves on quality and performance, that’s where the Hastings Deering, Caterpillar relationship fits in well.” He states, “The top-quality professional service, plus high-quality gear matches what we strive to do.” 


“With Hastings Deering, everything from purchase, maintenance services, renting, back up support with our GPS systems, I can’t say it enough, it really is a one stop shop.”


Courtesy of Hastings Deering

Source: Hastings Deering