Komatsu Holds the Company’s First Earth Day Event to Mark the 100th Anniversary

Komatsu held its first Earth Day event to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in which approximately 62,000 Group employees around the world were provided the opportunity to participate on the International Mother Earth Day designated by the United Nations. Komatsu Group employees around the world voluntarily took part in environmental actions, including tree planting and clean-up, and shared their activities online, thereby realising “connectivity” through online communication.

Cleanup of Fairfield park by some of the team from Komatsu Headquarters, Sydney. Courtesy of Komatsu

Komatsu’s basic policy is to conduct CSR activities through its core business, and the company strives to achieve sustainable growth together with society through initiatives supporting our three focus themes of “Enhancing quality of life”, “Developing people” and “Growing with society”. To mark the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2021, the Komatsu Group has launched “One World One Komatsu,” a project for social contribution in which all employees can participate, the first global initiative of its kind. Under the theme of environmental sustainability, Komatsu has set up a dedicated platform that enables the entire Komatsu Group to consolidate voluntary and simple activities taken by individual employees. Komatsu is promoting activities for a sustainable Earth by connecting Group employees around the world and fostering a sense of unity toward a common goal, and will continue to promote these initiatives.

As part of these activities, on International Mother Earth Day, Komatsu Group employees around the world participated in the first-ever global environmental activities, including tree planting and cleanup. In addition, Komatsu held an online event where Group employees from around the world shared videos of their activities to create a sense of unity and raise awareness of environmental activities.

Achievements through Actions taken on Komatsu Earth Day

• Planting more than 14,000 trees and native species
• Picking up more than 3,500 bags of trash
• Volunteering more than 15,000 hours collectively

In the future, by uploading and sharing our actions taken on the One World One Komatsu platform, Komatsu will be able to measure the impacts of our environmental activities on carbon offsetting, energy saving, waste reduction, and water saving. The platform enables the company to understand our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11 “Sustainable Cities” and 13 “Climate Change Action”.

Looking into the next 100 years, Komatsu will continue to move forward together with its stakeholders as it creates value through manufacturing and technology innovation to empower a sustainable future where people, businesses and our planet thrive together.'
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