Krone launches the EasyWrap Bale Wrapper 150 in Australia

Krone’s first-ever solo bale wrapper, the EasyWrap 150, has arrived in Australia – and it’s designed with a single-arm wrapping speed of 36 rpm.

The Krone EasyWrap 150. Courtesy of Krone

The new EasyWrap 150 model has a fully automatic function from the bale pick up to bale discharge and combines wrapping, transport and collection all in one product, allowing growers to maximise productivity and deliver hay bales with the best silage quality.

Krone Assistant Product Manager Nathan Thomas said the EasyWrap 150 solo bale wrapper is the first of its kind for Krone and will provide a versatile solution for farmers all over Australia. Mr Thomas said:

“Be it collecting, wrapping or unloading bales, the new EasyWrap 150 is extremely versatile. The fully automatic 3PL single arm wrapper can be mounted on the front or rear linkage as well as telescopic loaders to suit any operation.” 


“With its powerful wrapping technology and ability to wrap up to a maximum bale weight of 1600 kilograms, farmers can rely on the EasyWrap 150 to balance efficiency and safety, while also maintaining maximum silage quality.”

The EasyWrap 150 comes with a range of features including a Bale Turner to ensure the bale can be safely placed on its end, preventing any damage, as well as a Ground Roller to support the EasyWrap so the tractor doesn’t have to lift the entire weight of the wrapper. Mr Thomas said:

“Safety and convenience were top of mind when designing the EasyWrap 150. The Ground Roller makes it much easier for farmers to transport hay bales on slopes and hills – it also means farmers can wrap heavy bales with smaller tractors.”

Other features include a Guide Roller to improve the guidance of the bale during the wrapping process and a Film Roll Holder with an external keypad to operate from outside the cabin.

Mounting brackets installed hold up to four additional film rolls, also with a lighting package. An external keypad controls the wrapping process or can be used for general maintenance from outside the tractor cabin.

The machine also features large bobbins to provide the bale control and ensure smooth bale roll, which is particularly important in sloping fields. Mr Thomas said:

“We’re excited to launch the EasyWrap 150 in Australia to help make farmers’ lives easier and safer when it comes to wrapping hay bales.”'
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