Maynards Industrial Auctions Sells Equipment for Manufacturing Caterpillar Mining Machines in Germany

Maynards Europe announces the commencement of a series of sales events featuring the assets from the complete Caterpillar mining equipment factory in Dortmund, Germany. After decades of producing the famous Caterpillar mining machines and vehicles like the Hydraulic Mining Shovels Series 6060 the factory will be closing its gates due to strategic closing early 2022.

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Items to be sold including machines, tools and supplies to manufacture and process components for heavy duty applications like mining, construction/deconstruction, farming, AFVs or shipbuilding.  The first assets are already available for sale by private treaty including well maintained, high quality machinery from premium brands. A series of online auctions set to be conducted from Q3 2021 on.  These sales are being managed by a global team of liquidation and recovery specialists: Maynards Europe GmbH and AllSurplus by Liquidity Services.

Private treaty sale to include:

  • Hydraulic presses
  • Heavy duty CNC centers
  • Flame & plasma cutting gantries
  • Welding manipulators
  • Floor borers
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Tube bending machines

Offers are currently being accepted for these specific assets at

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“With these sales we’re presenting our customers a unique portfolio of machinery and tools, which won’t be available in short time again. When I first entered the place I was amazed by the still present throughout good condition of the machines and how they managed to maintain them throughout the years.”

says Adrian Matuszczak, leading project manager at Maynards Europe.'
Emanuele Giovannini
Digital marketing specialist, Heavy Equipment journalist.