The Allu Transformer TS Drum

The Allu Transformer TS Drum Assembly is an effective tool for pipeline padding and backfilling applications. By allowing material to be screened onsite and then backfilled directly into a trench, it eliminates the need for dedicated stationary screening or purchase of fine soil, saving time and money.

Courtesy of Allu

Allu D-Series attachments work with wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers or back hoes to screen, crush, pulverize, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed and load materials all in one stage — increasing the profitability and efficiency of pipeline construction operations. The core of the Allu TS Drum Assembly technology is the configuration of the screening blades that spin between the screening combs. The end product size is defined by the space between the combs, and different fragment sizes can be achieved simply by repositioning the combs. Because the screening combs carry most of the material weight, the drums and bearings experience less impact and load. The design of the assembly ensures the machine works well in wet and dry materials without any clogging.

A case study with one pipeline contractor recently realized 80 percent savings per cubic yard using an Allu D-Series attachment with TS drum assembly — the Allu DH 3-12 TS16 — on a standard excavator. In looking at several options, this contractor realized that traditional screening had a low productivity rate and large particle soil and stones could easily fall into the trench, whilst purchasing fine soil is also a high cost.

The pipeline contractor opted for crushing and screening with Allu DH3-12 TS16, which demonstrated a lower cost than the other options and a 80% saving per cubic yard. Also giving them total flexibility as its available  with two different blade types: standard blades for screening applications and axe blades when a crushing or shredding effect is required. The TS assembly is available in seven different models for 17.6- to 49.6-ton (16- to 45-metric ton) excavators and 7.7- to 33-ton (7- to 30-metric ton) wheel loaders.

Source: Allu'
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