[Job Story] WesTrac’s FitFleet helps J&M Bashforth keep assets in Peak Condition

WesTrac is helping customers keep assets in peak condition with a new range of technology-assisted service level agreements called FitFleet.

WesTrac field service technician attends J&M Bashforth’s work site. Courtesy of WesTrac

FitFleet agreements are designed to allow operators to work the way they choose, from DIY through to fully managed repair and maintenance options. According to WesTrac Asset Strategy Manager Dean Cruickshanks, where FitFleet differs from other service agreements is in the way it utilises the latest data gathering technology. Dean said:

“Data is captured directly by sensors on the asset and WesTrac’s Asset Solution Advisor Team analyses that data to stay abreast of machine health and maintenance requirements.” 


“When maintenance is required, we’ll organise for the work to be completed by our qualified technicians or if our customer wants to do the job themselves, we will organise for the appropriate parts to be sent to site.”

There are four types of FitFleet agreements available, each offering different levels of support – Essentials, Plus, Premium and Ultimate.

J&M Bashforth Director Luke Bashforth checks the FitFleet® portal on his mobile. Courtesy of WesTrac

The Essentials option allows equipment owners to pay as they go, either carrying out the work themselves or utilising WesTrac service personnel. The Ultimate agreement incorporates full parts, service and health monitoring with the cost of maintaining the machine matched to the machine’s utilisation each month.

For third-generation civil contracting business and longstanding WesTrac customer J&M Bashforth, the FitFleet agreements mean downtime and unplanned delays are minimised.

Director Luke Bashforth says the company has 19 Cat machines under Ultimate or Premium level agreements. Luke said:

“The FitFleet agreements allow us to maintain focus on the day-to-day business without the worry of repair and maintenance requirements.” 


“The fact that our maintenance and repair costs are known and maintained at a steady amount each month is a big advantage.”

Dean expects FitFleet to quickly become popular with customers because it removes another layer of risk from their businesses. He said:

“The four service levels cater for a range of customer needs and asset management requirements.” 


“We understand that some operators are more than happy to carry out their own services and may have easy access to one of our branches, but still like the security of having WesTrac monitor and advise on service requirements, so the Essentials agreement is ideal for them.”


“Even under an Essentials agreement, if they require a technician to assist, we organise that on a fee for service arrangement.”

However, for customers seeking to spread costs based on machine utilisation and to have the security of knowing parts and service personnel will be onsite as required, the other agreements are more appropriate.

The development of the FitFleet portal will soon provide an easy-to-use interface for customers to access data-driven insights into the overall health and utilisation of any machine.

FitFleet agreements are not just restricted to new machines, or even just Cat equipment – the ongoing support and maintenance solutions can be applied to machines of any brand.

J&M Bashforth Director Luke Bashforth reviews the FitFleet® portal with WesTrac sales representative. Courtesy of WesTrac

Source: WesTrac

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