Copperstone Technologies launches HELIX Neptune Robot

Copperstone Technologies announces the launch of HELIX Neptune, a multi-functional robot designed to tackle some extreme challenges. Pilot customers of HELIX Neptune have experienced this new approach for hazardous site investigation to conduct bathymetric surveys, collect water and sediment samples, and deploy other tools including a tethered submersible.

Copperstone Technologies believes HELIX Neptune will revolutionize the way hazardous site investigations are conducted by using multifunctional robots to report live data and collect samples. Craig Milne – CEO said:

“We’re both proud and amazed at the capabilities of HELIX Neptune. This is the culmination of 7 years of hard work, product development and client feedback”.

Jamie Yuen – Chief Engineer said:

“The mining industry is in high demand for autonomous vehicles for hazardous site investigations. We designed HELIX Neptune on a fully amphibious robotic platform that can carry a suite of custom sensors and payloads through the most challenging terrain.”

Copperstone Technologies helps industrial clients manage liabilities and safety costs associated with hazardous sites, particularly water and mine tailings facilities. Copperstone Technologies does this by building field robots that can access hazardous environments in a way never before possible. Its robots bring sensors or sampling payloads to site, keeping people out of harm’s way, reducing costs and improving efficiencies for our clients. Its primary industries involve mining, municipal water, military, agricultural, and industrial facilities.'
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