Curb Roller Manufacturing introduces the Hydra-Pack HP1300 Portable Power Unit

Curb Roller Manufacturing offers the Hydra-Pack HP1300, a portable heavy-duty hydraulic power unit. With a powerful 13HP Honda GX390 engine and a 5-8 GPM hydraulic flow, the Hydra-Pack provides power to operate the company’s Curb Roller CM4000 and Hydra-Screed HS3000 systems. The highly versatile Hydra-Pack can also be used to power additional hydraulic hand tools or equipment for extended periods of time, providing flexibility in tight spaces or remote locations that larger hydraulic power sources can’t access.

Courtesy of Curb Roller Manufacturing

Seth Ulmer, Curb Roller Manufacturing sales manager said:

“All Curb Roller Manufacturing products are designed to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue for concrete contractors. The Hydra-Pack is a vital piece of support equipment for our Curb Roller and Hydra-Screed, but it also opens up other opportunities for hydraulic equipment. If contractors can easily get power where they need it, even in tight spaces where skid steers and mini excavators can’t go, they can be more efficient.”

The Hydra-Pack delivers an impressive two-way directional flow with up to 2,250 psi. It features an 11-gallon, 12-gauge steel reservoir to provide plenty of hydraulic fluid and cooling capacity to power tools for building renovation, highway maintenance and utility work. 13-inch, puncture-proof, flat-free tires and a compact size allow operators to navigate even the most congested jobsites with ease. Its compact size, the same as a standard generator, means it easily fits in the back of a pickup or job trailer for stress-free transport to and from the jobsite.   

Paired with the Curb Roller CM4000, the Hydra-Pack provides a solution for fast and efficient concrete shaping in curb and gutter applications. The unit offers sufficient torque to drive the Curb Roller drum, allowing a single operator to perform jobs of all types and sizes, including patch and repair work. With reduced labor requirements, contractors can complete work up to twice as fast as manual methods of face forming.  

For projects that would normally take multiple pours, the Hydra-Pack can be used to power the company’s Hydra-Screed HS3000, a two-operator hydraulically powered roller screed system, for faster production times and a superior-quality finish. The Hydra-Screed pairs with a custom drum or 6-inch OD 10-gauge steel pipe to allow for continuous pours in applications like flatwork, flumes and more. The Hydra-Screed achieves job completion in half the time of alternative methods and offers removable ends to quickly change different lengths of pipe or profile shapes. Custom drums can be applied to applications as wide as 30 feet when using the Hydra-Pack. 

In addition to driving the Curb Roller and Hydra-Screed, the Hydra-Pack provides ample power to run post drivers, submersible pumps, hydraulic saws and breakers and other common hand tools that have proper psi compatibility. 

Courtesy of Curb Roller Manufacturing'
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