The Great Plains Max-Chisel Disc Ripper

The Great Plains Max-Chisel disc ripper will leave farmers with smoother and more uniform fields, as they prepare their soil for planting.

Courtesy of Kubota

The Max-Chisel has three work zones to effectively bury residue, rip up to 12 inches deep and leave behind a level and consistent finish. Two opposing rows of exclusive 24-inch concave turbo-wave blades aggressively remove root balls while mixing residue into the top 10-13cm of soil to accelerate the decay process.

Great Plains Product Manager John Moloney said the Max-Chisel‘s samurai edge blade, is in a class of its own with its ability to size and bury residue, assisting with decomposition. Mr Moloney said:

“The benefit of the exclusive samurai edge with unique mounting configuration, means residue is anchored into the top four to five inches of soil, creating optimum conditions for future crops.” 


“The Max-Chisel works the soil more aggressively than a traditional chisel but leaves the surface level enough for a single-pass tool, finishing the field ahead of planting.” 


“Heavy duty toggle trip shanks with an industry-leading 1,111kg horizontal trip force allows deep loosening of the soil down to 30.5cm depth. A patented rear chopper reel and roller attachment ties down residue, smoothens the surface and breaks clods for an excellent finish.”


“Walking tandem axles maintain consistent main-frame height for accurate, uniform tillage depth, while the single-point depth stop allows the user to adjust depth across the entire width of the machine in one convenient place.”

Max-Chisel is available in two rigid models, ranging from 3.51metres to 4.27metres, and four folding versions ranging from 5.03metres to 7.32metres. All models feature hydraulically adjustable disc gang depth control and heavy-duty toggle-trip reset shanks.

Mr Moloney said the Max-Chisel has been well received by Australian customers so far with customers most impressed by how well the machine finishes.

“With a combination of tried-and-true design principles and modern innovations, the Max- Chisel delivers excellent results infield helping farmers achieve a quality seedbed.”'
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