WesTrac offers 300 Jobs across WA and NSW/ACT Operations

Caterpillar equipment dealer WesTrac is banking on its new employee value proposition to help attract up to 300 new staff across its WA and NSW/ACT operations.

Courtesy of WesTrac

The equipment sales and service provider to the mining, construction and various other sectors launched the new initiative, Made For More, which aims to highlight the company as an employer of choice, offering people far more than “just a job”.

Tanya Eales, General Manager People and Culture for WA, said the Made For More campaign focused on aspects of WesTrac that could be leveraged to attract, engage and retain the best people. She said:

“The skilled worker shortage that’s impacting mining and construction in Australia is having a serious knock-on effect for service providers such as WesTrac that work with those industries.” 


“We have a lot of roles to fill and apart from the fact that the salaries on offer are competitive and there’s a lot of job security, we know that people are looking for a whole range of other less tangible benefits from an employer.”


“That includes a high degree of flexibility in work arrangements, ensuring everyone has a strong sense of ownership and belonging, growth and innovation opportunities, and an overall culture built around shared values.”


“These are things that WesTrac has provided to our workforce for many years and now the challenge is how to communicate that effectively, both internally and externally, to ensure we remain an employer of choice.”

Courtesy of WesTrac

Ms Eales said Made For More focused on three key qualities identified by current employees – care, passion and evolution – that would form the basis of an ongoing campaign to build interest in joining and staying with the company.

Courtesy of WesTrac

According to NSW/ACT General Manager People and Culture Rob Hooke, the latest Covid lockdowns impacting the Eastern States accentuated the need to highlight what WesTrac represented as an employer. Mr Hooke said:

“The current situation makes it even more important to show that we place the highest value on our people’s health, safety and wellbeing, that we absolutely need them to help us maintain the high level of service expected by our customers, and that our business is continuing to grow, innovate and build our workforce accordingly,” 


“Made For More is very much about celebrating the collective experiences across the organisation, embracing the diversity and uniqueness of our people, and championing the company’s culture as a key proposition for future employees.”

GM People and Culture WA Tanya Eales. Courtesy of WesTrac

Mr Hooke said WesTrac was currently recruiting for a broad range of roles in multiple locations across WA, NSW and the ACT. He said:

“We look for the best people in their fields but are very open to helping those people transfer skills from other industries, upskill trade qualifications and develop completely new skills regardless of age or experience.” 


“We have our dedicated WesTrac Institute that provides apprentice and further training opportunities, plus we’re at the forefront of technology and innovation, so the opportunities for current and future staff are exceptional.”

“WesTrac also has branches throughout the regions in which we operate, which means there are opportunities for staff to live where they choose, work locally and be home to enjoy a work-life balance not available to a lot of others.”

Ms Eales said with the recent announcement that native forest logging would cease in WA from 2024, WesTrac was interested in talking to timber industry workers looking for new opportunities that may complement their current skills.

GM People and Culture NSW Rob Hooke. Courtesy of WesTrac
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