How to Choose the Right Dumper according to Dieci Australia

On a construction site it is always necessary to have the right vehicle available for each specific activity. This makes it possible to save time while working efficiently and safely. One of the essential vehicles for any operator in the construction sector is a dumper.

Courtesy of Dieci Australia

What does a dumper do?

On a construction site it is essential that work is well organised, especially if there are large quantities of material that may present an obstacle or delay the completion of tasks. A dumper’s job is to move this material safely. It is a motorised, articulated vehicle consisting of two parts:

  • the container, operated mainly by hydraulics, the capacity of which is an important criterion when choosing a dumper.

  • the cabin, which contains the driver operating the dumper.

How to choose a dumper

When choosing a dumper the main aspects to consider are:

  • Load volume: this is one of the key criteria when choosing a dumper, specifically the struck (level) load volume and heaped load volume.

  • Manoeuvrability: it is important to choose a vehicle that has good manoeuvrability, i.e. that is easy to drive, even in reverse gear, and has adequate steering.

  • Terrain: normally dumpers have rubber wheels, which are suitable for most terrains. For more demanding contexts, such as mines, some models are equipped with rubber tracks for extra grip and traction.

  • Safety: it is essential to evaluate which safety features the dumper has to protect the driver.

  • Speed: this factor should be considered based on the type of work and the size of the construction site. Dieci dumpers, for example, can reach a top speed of 27 km/h.

The advantages of Dieci dumpers

Dieci dumpers are a versatile, manoeuvrable and lightweight solution.

Ease of use and driver safety are essential factors for every vehicle produced by Dieci thanks to which the brand has over the years built a solid reputation for reliability and expertise among companies in the construction, agricultural and mining sectors.
Dieci produces a range of vehicles to meet the real needs of the market. The dumpers have a maximum capacity of 12,000 kg and a maximum load volume of up to 7.5 m3.

The container is supported by a hydraulic system that allows the dump body to tip automatically. The other main features of Dieci dumpers include:

  • availability of self-loading shovel, for autonomy even when loading the dump body, without the need for a second support vehicle

  • central joint steering, for a tight turning radius

  • ROPS – FOPS approved roof-rollbar, for greater comfort

Every component of Dieci dumpers, from the chassis to the suspension, is built to ensure strength, reliability and a long product life cycle.

Source: Dieci Australia'
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