Hitachi introduces the EX8000-7 Excavator

Newly introduced to the mining industry, the EX8000-7 is Hitachi’s largest standard backhoe excavator, guaranteeing great power and force for demanding and challenging jobs. With more than 100 years of experience across group companies, Hitachi EX8000-7 brings you advanced fuel optimisation technologies, state-of-the-art safety features and a focus on easy maintenance and operation.

Courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery

Weighing over 830 tonnes with a 43-48m3 bucket capacity, which can move 75 tonnes of dirt per bucket load, the excavator comes with an option of a Cummins QSKTA60 or  MTU 12V4000 C33 diesel charged engine, generating 2x 1,450 kW (2x 1,944 HP) at 1,800 rpm. With a front attachment design that prioritizes performance, the EX8000-7 achieves great productivity and reliable digging power across different mining profiles.

The EX8000-7 excavator is engineered to tackle demanding jobs, whilst maintaining the operator comfort. Taking the operator experience to new heights, featuring electronic joysticks, an intelligent multi-functional display, advanced air suspension seating and improved climate control.

Courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery

Hitachi has a long standing commitment to the advancement of mining through digital innovation and connectivity. The EX8000-7 sees the significant update being the extensive on-board sensors, diagnostic tools and advanced software delivering great insights and operations, to achieve different excavating tasks with proficiency and ease.

Another key improvement is the addition of the new electronic cylinder stroke controls that enable the signalling from angel sensors to the main frame, boom and arm. This controls the pump flow rate and cylinder speed, improving operator comfort and lowering impact on cylinders and structure for a more reliable operation.

Designed with safety at the forefront, the EX8000-7 features:

– An on-board inclinometer
– Improved machine access & ease of maintenance
– A dual isolator switch as standard
– Emergency escape chute
– Engine stop switching
– Optional perimeter monitoring cameras

Cutting edge technology and robust design come together to make EX8000-7 excavators more durable. Featuring advanced computer modelling, specialised forgings and specially designed track shoes, are just some of the features to maximise longevity and contribute to lower operating costs.

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery