[Job Story] Black Diamond Asphalt receives the Cat AP600F Paver

Black Diamond Asphalt has made their dream come true with the inclusion of a brand-new Cat AP600F paver into their fleet.

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

Jason Orr, Managing Director of Black Diamond Asphalt said that while there are many different paver options on the market, they continue to choose Cat equipment.

“We do everything from minor works, pothole repairs, driveways, residential and commercial, to TMR [Transport and Main Roads] projects. This has always been a dream for me to buy a brand-new paver. We have numerous pavers, but nothing of this calibre.”

The AP600F is a mid to high production wheel paver that offers versatility for highways, rural roads, streets, and other mid-sized projects.

“The AP600F benefits us because our float and our equipment, it favours us weight-wise.”


“This machine is very practical for us as we can get it on our tag float without engaging a subcontractor to move the machine around.”

Mr. Orr said that the combination of the new technology in the machine, and the support from Hastings Deering, keeps their business productive.

The intuitive, accessible technology with grade and slope control on the AP600F paver has been designed to help to increase production while reducing idle time.

The technology helps operators perform. Intuitive symbols and large graphics simplify operation, while the interactive LCD display with touchscreen access to generator activation, screed temperature control, and mix height adjustment, increase efficiency.

Ryan Van Den Broek, Sales Manager – Road Construction and Infrastructure Hastings Deering said that the technology in the AP600 and the F-series pavers go above and beyond.

According to Mr. Van Den Broek, the features on this machine include, intuitive touch screen operation, advanced Eco mode, single-button feeder system activation, auto fill feeder system, quick-change heating elements, front wheel assist, an all-wheel-drive option with improved capabilities and a fast-heating screed plate using a 70-kW high-power generator.

“We’ve got grade and slope control so they can sit there and set what their depths that they want to be able to pave their job at, the machine will take care of itself.”

Powered by a Cat ACERT C4.4 Engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards, the standard Eco-mode operates at a 1,650-rpm engine speed to save fuel without any sacrifice in performance. Mr. Van Den Broek said:

“There’s also big differences with sound emissions, fuel economy, things like that are all very important to the smaller contractor.”


“This machine will help Black Diamond Asphalt go to that next level and win those bigger jobs.”

Backed by the support of Hastings Deering and the new AP600F, the team at Black Diamond Asphalt are positioned to expand compete for the larger contracts. Mr. Orr said:

“Hastings Deering is definitely taking over the market in the paving industry. I think Hastings Deering is the future to be honest in the servicing industry.” 

Courtesy of Hastings Deering

Source: Hastings Deering