[Job Story] Integrated Cat Technology gives the Edge to Ezyquip Hire

With technology coming a long way in the construction space, Caterpillar has been at the forefront of integrating new systems into machinery to drive productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Alex Wood, Project Manager for Ezyquip Hire said that the fully integrated technology within Caterpillar machinery has supported the growth of their business. He said:

“Caterpillar offer a lot of technology in their machines. We rely heavily on machine guidance and E-fence, and it sort of benefits our clients greatly from a productivity and safety perspective.”


“With these Next Gen machinery that come with Payload information and Grade Control, it really offers a complete package for our customers and us to get data in the background and help us plan for future jobs and build a picture for the future.”


“By offering this new technology to our clients, it gives Ezyquip an edge. We’re getting repeat business.” 

Mr. Wood further explained that the support from their Dealer, Hastings Deering, ensures that the Ezyquip team can service their clients in remote locations.

“We service clients all around Australia in some very remote locations, supplying equipment anywhere from Skid Steer Loaders all the way up to 75 tonne excavators.”


“Hastings Deering, has been really great in terms of training. Showing us an overall picture of the systems that they use on their machinery, going into detail on how it works and how to operate it for us to really give that benefit to our end user.”

Ryan Canal Product Specialist for Hastings Deering said that Hastings Deering has introduced all the integrated technologies into their machines to ensure customers get the best out of their machines.

He says:

“Grade Control is a big one. 3D Grade Control is basically we will get a design from a surveyor, we will load that into the machine, and the operator has a direct feedback of what his job is for the day.”

Cat grade with 3D for excavators works with complex design plans in real time using excavator positioning from GPS and Glonass systems, ensuring that operators dig to plan.

“Operators can cut to grade and make sure they don’t overcut grade, so we’re not engaging in rework.”

Hastings Deering has recently taken a big step with their quality assurance processes on the Next Generation machines.

Investing in a dedicated test area for the product specialists to test and calibrate machinery for customers before delivery.

“Often we would keep a machine in there for up to three hours testing its accuracy and making sure we’re going to give the customer a working product.”


“We work really closely with Ezyquip to make sure their maintenance crews are aware of the technology; to A maintain it, B, get the best results and C, when the machine does finish from a job, it tracks in and we know what to look for to make sure when it goes out again, its going to work, first time, every time.”

Source: Hastings Deering